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Angelica is a unique find as a model for Cachet Ladies. She’s not only one of the prettiest faces we have ever seen, but she is also the sweetest person we just never want to stop talking to. She is smart, sexy and athletic and can talk about almost anything for hours. If you have a unique evening in mind, Angelica is the escort model for you.

Personality Trait: Bold

Favourite Food: Tacos

Favorite Hot Spot to Have Drinks in Toronto: El Catrin Destileria

Educational Background: Angelica completed a degree in Fashion Design from George Brown College.

Description: Angelica is a bold and confident model with a fierce presence on the runway. She exudes strength and power with every step, and her striking features and toned physique make her a natural choice for high-end fashion magazines and catalogues. In her free time, Angelica loves to indulge in her favorite food, tacos, and can often be found at some of Toronto’s top taco joints. She also enjoys a good drink, and her favorite spot in the city is El Catrin Destileria, where she can sample a wide range of tequilas and mezcal in a lively and colorful atmosphere. Angelica’s educational background in fashion design has given her a deep understanding of the industry, and she brings a keen eye for style and detail to her modeling work. With her bold personality and fierce beauty, Angelica is sure to make a lasting impression on clients and audiences alike.