Toronto Escort, Harper

A blonde fit and all-around sweet escape from the usual. She is sensitive, sweet and can carry a conversation for hours, and she is the break all men or women need in a mundane week.

Personality Trait: Intellectual

Favourite Food: Pho

Favorite Hot Spot to Have Drinks in Toronto: Bar Raval

Educational Background: Harper holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.

Description: Harper is an intellectual and thoughtful model with a sharp mind and quick wit. She brings a depth of understanding to her work that sets her apart from other models, and her intelligence and curiosity shine through in every photo shoot and runway appearance. When she’s not working, Harper loves to indulge in her favorite food, Pho, and can often be found at some of Toronto’s top Vietnamese restaurants. She also enjoys exploring the city’s vibrant bar scene, and her favorite spot is Bar Raval, where she can sip on cocktails and soak up the bar’s beautiful and intricate design. Harper’s background in mathematics has given her a unique perspective on the modeling industry, and she brings a strategic and analytical approach to her work. With her intellectual curiosity and striking beauty, Harper is sure to impress clients and audiences alike.