Jade is just getting her feet wet, and she has bright prospects. From a respectable family and military background, this gem of a lady is refined, detailed and eager to please.

Personality Trait: Fearless

Favourite Food: Pad Thai

Favourite Hot Spot to Have Drinks in Toronto: The Porch at the Thompson Hotel

Educational Background: Jade has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Description: Jade is a fearless and adventurous model with a strong and powerful presence. She brings a sense of confidence and intensity to every photo shoot and runway appearance, and her stunning features and commanding style are a natural fit for high-end fashion magazines and catalogues. Jade’s fearless personality is perfect for clients looking for a model with a strong and commanding presence.

In her free time, Jade loves to indulge in her favorite food, Pad Thai. She is passionate about discovering the best Thai restaurants in Toronto and can often be found at some of the city’s top spots. Jade also enjoys a good drink, and her favorite spot in the city is The Porch at the Thompson Hotel, where she can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails and a trendy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Her background in mechanical engineering has given her a deep understanding of the importance of precision and attention to detail. She has a natural ability to analyze and understand complex systems and processes, making her a valuable asset for any project. She is also a natural leader and enjoys taking charge and directing shoots and creative projects.

With her fearless personality and stunning beauty, Jade is sure to make a lasting impression on clients and audiences alike. Whether she’s strutting down the runway or posing for a photoshoot, Jade’s strong and powerful presence make her a true standout in the modeling industry. With her commanding style and natural leadership abilities, Jade is sure to be a hit with clients looking for a model with a fearless and confident presence.