Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies

Nicole loves to hang out at all the usual Cachet Ladies favourite bars where she enjoys meeting new people and having cocktails. Nicole is social, friendly and loves to meet new people. If you are looking for someone who will shower you with attention and bring a sexy body and smile along with her, she’s the cachet ladies’ courtesan for you.

Personality Trait: Confident

Favourite Food: Sushi

Favorite Hot Spot to Have Drinks in Toronto: The Rooftop Lounge at The Thompson Hotel

Educational Background: Nicole completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Toronto before pursuing a career in modeling.

Description: Nicole is a stunning model with a confident and commanding presence on the runway. She has a natural poise and grace that makes her stand out from the crowd. In her free time, Nicole enjoys indulging in her favorite food, sushi, and can often be found at some of Toronto’s top sushi restaurants. When she’s not working, Nicole loves to unwind with a cocktail or two at The Rooftop Lounge at The Thompson Hotel, where she can enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline. Nicole’s educational background in psychology has given her a unique perspective on the modeling industry, and she brings a thoughtful and intelligent approach to her work. With her combination of beauty, talent, and intellect, Nicole is sure to be a hit with high-end fashion magazines, catalogues, and TV commercials.