Nikki is a stylish and trendy model with a passion for streetwear and urban fashion. She enjoys hip-hop music, graffiti art, and exploring the city’s hidden gems. Get ready for some serious urban vibes with this cool and edgy model.

Personality Trait: Confident

Favourite Food: Tacos

Favourite Hot Spot to Have Drinks in LA: The Rooftop at The Standard Downtown LA

Educational Background: Nikki has a degree in graphic design from the Art Center College of Design.

Description: Nikki is a model with a cool and edgy style that is perfect for urban fashion and streetwear campaigns. Her confident attitude and bold personality make her a natural fit for clients looking for a model who can exude confidence and attitude in every shot.

Nikki’s love for urban culture extends beyond her work as a model. She enjoys hip-hop music and graffiti art and loves to explore the city’s hidden gems. In her free time, she indulges in her favorite food, tacos, and can often be found at some of LA’s top taco spots. Her favorite hot spot for drinks in the city is The Rooftop at The Standard Downtown LA, a trendy and stylish bar with a stunning view of the city.

Nikki’s educational background in graphic design gives her a unique perspective on the industry and a deep understanding of the importance of visual communication. She is able to bring her creativity and expertise to every shoot and collaborate with photographers and creative directors to create visually stunning campaigns that are both edgy and meaningful.

With her cool and confident attitude, Nikki is sure to make a lasting impression on clients and audiences alike. Whether she’s posing for an urban fashion campaign or strutting down the runway in streetwear, her edgy and trendy style makes her a standout in the modeling industry. Clients looking for a model who can bring an urban and chic vibe to their project will love working with Nikki.