Summer is a dazzling dirty-blonde with cerulean eyes and a natural allure. Known for her affable nature, she relishes quality moments with friends and family. Eager to deliver a sublime experience, Summer stands as a premier courtesan escort for Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies. To guarantee an unforgettable evening, contact Cachet Ladies’ booking agents to arrange a rendezvous with Sumer.

Personality Trait: Self-Assured

Favourite Food: Tacos

Favourite Toronto Hot Spot for Drinks: The Four Seasons Hotel

Educational Background: Summer is a Ryerson University alumna with a degree in Journalism.


Summer exudes an indomitable confidence and a look that captures attention instantly. Her domineering presence is felt whether she’s in a high-fashion photoshoot or walking the runway, making her an excellent choice for upscale publications and brand campaigns. Clients seeking an escort with a daring, no-holds-barred persona will find Summer a to be a perfect match.

When she isn’t working, Summer is an avid taco enthusiast. She’s committed to discovering Toronto’s culinary gems, particularly its top taco eateries. Her preferred haunt for drinks in Toronto is The Porch at The Fifth Social Club, where she delights in artisan cocktails amidst an upscale and contemporary vibe.

Having majored in Journalism at Ryerson University, Summer has honed her skills in effective communication and narrative craft. This educational foundation amplifies her innate talent for emotive expression through her modeling poses, making her a versatile asset in any creative venture. As a natural-born leader, Summer thrives in roles where she can steer the creative direction and dynamics of a project.

With her unyielding confidence and arresting beauty, Summer is bound to leave an indelible impression. Whether on the hotel bed or behind the camera lens, her compelling and charismatic aura makes her a true luminary in the escort landscape. Her audacious flair and distinctive style render her an ideal pick for clients who desire a model with both a fearless and resplendent presence.