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What You Need to Know About Escort Terms and Abbreviations

What You Need to Know About Escort Terms and Abbreviations

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It is becoming increasingly popular to hire female escorts. Throughout the history of the escort industry, slang and abbreviations have been used. As escorts, we only know the meaning of these terms, which is why we use specific terms in our work and when we meet with clients.

Most people have heard or read something about sex, call girls, and escorts at least once but were too embarrassed to ask what it meant. Now we’re here to provide the answers you seek.

Throughout our glossary, we have tried to compile the most popular escort terms so that clients can easily understand the services that workers provide. We hope to assist clients in navigating this industry with each new term. Among the terms you can use to improve your communication skills with sex workers are ABC, BBW, Genderqueer, deep french kissing, hand job, hobbyists, outcall escort, streetwalkers, threesome, or Mutual natural French. 

Cachet Ladies Escorts is pleased to present the following curated list: 

  • ABC – The meaning is American-Born Chinese.
  • Abolitionist – Often radical feminists proclaim that prostitution is a form of slavery that exists today. This is a movement for the abolition of sex work and the release of girls who are involved in the sex industry. Most often, they are not interested in promoting sex workers` human and labour rights.
  • A-level – is the international term for anal sex. This means the possibility of anal sex.
  • Anal play – Pleasant stroking, licking, and penetrating the anus using sex toys.
  • Anal sex – The penetration of the penis into the anus of the partner.
  • ATM – Porno industry term that means “Ass To Mouth” describes the anal sex culmination where the penis is immediately followed into the partner’s mouth.
  • BGB – Baby Got Back, sex with a woman who has a giant ass.
  • BJ – Oral stimulation of the penis.
  • BBBJ – Oral sex without a condom.
  • BBBJTC – oral sex to orgasm, Bare back blow job to completion.
  • BBW – “big beautiful woman” – an energetic beautiful woman or “big breasted woman” – a woman with big breasts.
  • BLS – When a partner licks and sucks the balls.
  • B & D – Bondage and Discipline means physical restraint of a sexual partner to inflict humiliation, punishment, or pain.
  • BDSM – Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism. Means many forms, such as master, slave or mistress, and more. This is a sexual game where hands are tied, dominated by a partner, humiliated, etc. To find more, click BDSM term and read about it on Wikipedia.
  • Bondage – Tying up or restraining sexual encounters while having sex.
  • Brazilian – Removing all or most of the female pubic hair.
  • CBT – “cock ball torture” – BDSM penis and balls play by working girls.
  • CD – Cross-dresser. A person who changes into clothes and adheres to the behaviour of the opposite sex, most often a man (transvestite).
  • CIM – Cum (ejaculation) in the mouth
  • CIMWS – Cum In Mouth With Swallow. When working, girls swallow their partner’s sperm.
  • Cisgender (Cis) – They say about a person who identifies with the sex he was assigned at birth.
  • CBJ – A colloquial term for fellatio using a condom.
  • COB –Body cum (ejaculation).
  • COF – Cum (ejaculation) on the partner’s face.
  • Cougar – The term used for a mature woman who has sex with young guys.
  • Courtesan – A young, beautiful woman who leads a free, social life and has sex for reward.
  • DATY – Vagina caresses with the tongue or “dining at the Y.”
  • DATO – This means Dining at the Orifice when partners prefer oral sex on someone’s anus.
  • DFK – Means “deep french kiss”, a deep kiss with the tongue
  • Dirty talk – It means talking about everything that you like during sex, talking about your preferences and the emotions that you get from sex.
  • DP – Double Penetration – 1 Woman / 2 Men.
  • DDP – During sex, one finger of the partner is in the vagina, and the other is in the anus.
  • DT – A deep throat is a blowjob in which the penis goes into the mouth as deeply as possible. This is often accompanied by excessive salivation.
  • Doggy style – This means that one individual penetrates another from behind.
  • Dominas – Means mistress. The partner orders the partner, tell him what to do, obeys her in every possible way, and realizes all desires.
  • Erotic Laborer -Adults who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual favours or erotic performances by mutual agreement.
  • FtM (F2M) – Female to Male describes a trans * person’s gender.
  • Facial – The process is when a girl is climaxing on a partner’s face.
  • FE – Leakage of a certain amount of clear fluid during or before orgasm from the vagina in women.
  • Feminine/Masculine Presenting – The term describes a person without using specifically gendered language.
  • Femme – The term is used when talking about a very feminine presenting queer person.
  • Fire and ice – The term describes a blowjob when a girl is switching it between hot tea and ice.
  • Fisting – This is when a partner inserts several fingers, a fist, an arm, or several hands into the vagina or anus.
  • FK – The most popular type of kiss, in which there is contact between the tongues of partners.
  • French – Caress in which the partner penetrates the penis into the mouth, oral sex in other words.
  • FS – full service or facesitting when a woman is on the partner’s face.
  • Girlfriend Experience or GFE – This is a type of service offered by female sex workers that involve acting like a friend to a client.
  • Genderfluid –So they say about people who change their sexual identity from time to time.
  • Genderqueer – A term used to describe a person whose gender identity does not match the binary understanding of gender. People who identify as genderqueer are male and female, not male or female, or a person who transcends the gender binary entirely. 
  • Greek – So they say if they want to get anal sex.
  • GS or ‘Golden Shower’ – Group sex.
  • Happy ending – Massage at the end of which the girl masturbates the penis with her hands.
  • HJ – Sexual intercourse with masturbation by a woman.
  • Hustling – Have sex for money.
  • Italian – When the girl puts her partner’s penis between the buttocks and starts rubbing it.
  • Intersex –A typical biological sex with a partner.
  • John – So they say about the client.
  • LE -Law Enforcement or sex trafficking acts.
  • LK – Kisses without a tongue.
  • LGBTIQA+ – Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex Queer Asexual +
  • MtF (M2F) –Male to Female.
  • MILF – These women who are already over 30, have children but are still considered partners for sex, are sexual.
  • MFF – Sex in which one man and two women.
  • MMF – Sex in which one girl and two men.
  • Monogamy – is a relationship between the sexes in which the male and female mate only for a certain period.
  • Mutual masturbation – Partners masturbate at the same time.
  • Mutual French – Partners get oral sex at the same time.
  • Mutual natural French – Partners get oral sex without protection simultaneously.
  • MSOG – Multiple pops.
  • Mx – The term opposed to Mr or Ms means a non-binary person.
  • Natural bush – Partners do not remove pubic hair.
  • Non-monogamy – Partners do not remove pubic hair.
  • Non-binary – These are people whose gender identity (self-determination, self-awareness) is neither masculine nor feminine.
  • NSA – No Strings Attached. Just obscene entertainment without obligation.
  • Open relationship – In such a relationship, partners meet but can have similar sex with other partners.
  • OWO – Oral sex, oral without a condom.
  • Pansexual – A person of all gender identities.
  • Pearl Necklace -Man cums on woman’s chest or neck.
  • PNDP – Please, No Dick Pics.
  • Porn Star Experience or PSE – Sex like in a porn movie.
  • Punter – Client.
  • Queer – Non-heterosexual person.
  • RCG – Reverse Cowgirl.
  • Role play – Sex games.
  • Rimming – Analingus.
  • SAAB – Sex Assigned At Birth.
  • Snowballing – Cum passing from one mouth to another.
  • SP -Service provider.
  • Spanish – Penis is between the partner’s breasts.
  • Squirting – Girl cums with a large stream of liquid.
  • Strap on – A dildo with straps used by girls to simulate sex with a man.
  • Strip tease – Removing clothes during the erotic dance.
  • Sugaring (Sugar baby/Sugar daddy) – A person who likes the no-strings-attached type of relationship.
  • SW – Sex woman + two men.
  • Tea bagging – When the partner’s scrotum is in the mouth.
  • Toy show – When the partner masturbates with sex toys.
  • Transgender – Anyone who has a different view of their gender and gender. You can find more about this on the BBC.
  • Trans – She is female from birth but identifies herself as male.
  • Tromboning -Oral sex with the partner and penis masturbating at the same time.
  • TTM – Testicular Tongue Massage
  • Water sports – Sexual acts with urine, the partner can pee on the partner’s face, etc.
  • Whorearchy – Sexual activity with lateral violence.
  • Whorephobia -Perpetuate stigma to control and police women’s bodies.

We update the dictionary of escort terms every once in a while to fit the nomenclature changes, such as threesomes, digit penetration, double-digit penetration, and massage parlours. Our goal was to provide as many escort terms as possible so you can easily explain to your partner what you want from an escort in bed to maximize the chance of a successful goal!

Disclaimer: This article is strictly for fantasy purposes and information regarding the escort industry at large and does not in any way constitute a list of services provided by Cachet Ladies Escorts. 

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