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4 times you may not be interested in sex and it’s completely normal

Why some couples stop having sex

If your partner is not interested in having sex, that is normal.

To the extent that it is essential to the people in a relationship, an active sexual life contributes to relationship satisfaction.

We all know that sometimes we aren’t in the mood for sex. There are several reasons for this.

Although it’s difficult to know where you fall on the “not wanting sex” spectrum, some experts say it’s outstanding not to want sex at certain times:

When menstruating

During your period, you and your partner might not be interested in sex due to the cramping and bloating accompanying it.

Blood may not put off some people, but it makes most women feel vulnerable and inward.

Medication is causing side effects for you.

Men’s and women’s sexual drives are affected by a variety of medications, including antidepressants, blood pressure medications and heart medications.

In most cases, patients are not informed of these side effects by their physicians when their medications are prescribed. It may be possible for your doctor to prescribe something else if your medication affects your sexual drive.

There’s a new baby in the house

It is exhausting for a new mother to not only heal from physical trauma but also to be completely and utterly exhausted.

If she is suffering from postpartum depression, her hormones are also in turmoil, which makes it even less likely that she will seek out sex.

It dawns on you that your partner has cheated on you

The experience of being cheated on is traumatic for anyone in a relationship, but especially for the partner who was cheated on. Therefore, re-engaging in sexual activity can be difficult. The process of rebuilding a couple’s relationship and trust takes time.

However, if you are surprised to hear that some couples’ sexual life continues uninterrupted or even improves after learning of an affair, you may be surprised.

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