Escorts Treatment Rules and Client Privacy Policies

With Cachet Ladies’ Escorts Treatment Rules, Clients Privacy and Behaviour Policies, you can be sure that our escorts are taking care of your safety and privacy. That is to say, whether this is your first time calling Cachet Ladies or you’ve been calling many times before, the escorts treatment rules always apply.

Similarly, meeting new people can be exciting, and we want you to have fun. Here are some words of wisdom and encouragement to help make any evening a success. Most importantly, All clients should familiarize themselves with the Cachet Ladies Escort Policy for the Treatment of Escorts. To sum up, our client’s safety and privacy regarding our models remain our top priority.

The Behaviour and Escorts Treatment Rules and Policies

In other words, It’s Always Time to be a Perfect Gentlemen

Regarding Escort Safety, Cachet Ladies is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and entertaining environment for all parties involved. Above all, our goal is to ensure that we educate and follow regulations set forth by the Safety Escort Council of Ontario, which provides safety guidelines to ensure that our industry remains safe and enjoyable for all involved. 

We enlist all our models in educational programs that teach them the tenants of safety and privacy, ensuring a reduced risk of negative experiences.

That is to say, the Escort Safety Council of Ontario mentioned, “When industry partners put health and safety first, clients and industry professionals are safer, better protected and more relaxed. To sum up, these rules that are put in place create a better working environment that ensures everyone involved has a better and safer experience.”

Escorts Treatment Rules.

Above all, because we are a Toronto-based escort agency that services clients worldwide, clients need to know that there are rules and regulations regarding escort treatment and client behaviour.

In addition, the rules that dictate the proper treatment of escorts are relatively simple. 

Above all, escort clients must never make any statements suggesting a physical threat of bodily injury, forced confinement, or otherwise endangering the escort model’s safety. Most importantly, The client shall never threaten the escort’s safety by taking unwanted photos, sharing or threatening to share photos.

Protecting Women’s Rights is Every Man’s Job.

Let it be known that all clients are prohibited shall badger or coercing the escort into divulging personal information such as real name, phone number or physical address, especially if they have been asked not to. 

Anyone threatening to out, post bad reviews or create an unfair advantage making the escort model feel uncomfortable or otherwise compromised, shall be reported. The client shall not use any force or language of the threat of force to coerce the escort into illegal activity.

Safety and Security are our Top Priorities.

Subsequently, no client shall make the escort perform anything illegal or threaten their liberty by asking them to participate in any illegal activity. Any deviation from the rules above is met with an immediate report to the police.

Above all, you need to trust the agency you hire regarding trust, safety, and escorts. Because we have escorts treatment rules in place, clients trust the agency and know that those who work there have their best interests in mind. 

Firstly, the best way to avoid issues is to avoid mismatching clients with escorts. Secondly, our staff is well-trained in determining which escort model suits each client to minimize issues.

In addition to selecting escorts based on physical attributes, Cachet Ladies escorts can also select based on personality, background, and education level. We are the only escort agency in Canada that makes that claim and follows through on it. 

After that, Cachet Ladies cares not only for the safety of its staff and escorts, but we genuinely care about our client’s privacy. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 416.410.5239 and find out more.

Clients’ Privacy and Security.

For example, escorts treatment rules are in place to protect the safety of the escort model. However, the privacy and safety of the client are paramount and have been for over 20 years. Cachet Ladies escorts is an adult introductory service.

A temporary dating service that allows VIP clients from around the globe to meet and get to know beautiful women of legal age. This service pairs the VIP client with an escort and what happens between two consenting adults is none of the agency’s business.

Between two Consenting Adults.

Therefore, this means there is no implied exchange of favour for money or otherwise. Whatever happens between two consensual adults is their business and nobody else’s. That being said, some rules must also protect the client. An escort is prohibited from asking for a client’s real name.

Technology increases the risk, and Cachet Provides Training to Match those Risks.

Further, an escort shall never take a client’s photo. Moreover, no escort shall ever ask a client for his phone number. Certainly, an escort shall only initiate contact with the client if the client has explicitly allowed them. No escort shall share intimate details of their time with anyone else.

The escorts are barred from sharing any details of any kind with anyone. The dates are always 100% confidential, and personal NDR statements are available with our concierge.

Escort Etiquette & Escorts Treatment Rules

We welcome you to one of the best and financially sound decisions of your life; engaging in courtesan escort services can be a cost-effective way to manage your social requirements.

That is to say, regardless of your sudden interest in our matchmaking services, you are here and ready to begin a new and exciting chapter that will enhance your confidence and daily social interaction and even help your self-esteem.

For example, clients who call Cachet Ladies seek superior customer service paired with an entertaining social experience. Cachet Ladies is the number one choice for celebrities because they know our courtesan models provide the safest and best option for ensuring total privacy and anonymity.

As a result, If you need help planning a getaway or even a small party here in Toronto, our staff has access to Limousines, Private Yachts and even the best penthouse hotels in the city.

Call one of our courtesan escort representatives to help plan the best night, weekend or week of your life.
In conclusion, we have put together a small list of tips to help you navigate unspoken rules when placing a call with our courtesan escorts.

Prices are on a per-day basis. By “per day,” we are calculating the evenings spent with the clients.

The departure day is not charged provided the escort and you part company before noon. After that point, the additional day rate is charged. The per-day rate is essentially the one-hour rate multiplied by ten. We may, under exceptional circumstances, add the fee, but this is quite rare.

That is to say; if you wait until the last second, you’ll scramble to find a safe place to meet and, worst of all, an escort you aren’t entirely happy with. As a result, in contrast, the odd, sweltering escorts are still available because she signed on after a boring night out with some friends; you know the odds are against you.

What’s worse, calling ahead and selecting the right escort for you who is to accommodate your needs, or begging for the right escort to make herself available last minute? In conclusion, we want you to be happy, so we aren’t telling you that you need to book early and plan; we are just begging you to do so….

Not every Escort or Courtesan needs a reservation in advance, but the good ones, if we are honest, need to be booked hours or even days before your appointment. So what does it mean to call our agency at 11:00 at night? Does this mean you won’t have any high-quality escorts available? No, since all our escorts are of the highest quality, a personable and gorgeous escort will always be available for you. However, everyone’s taste differs, and to ensure that your tastes have the best chances of being available, calling early makes sense. Also, since our escorts are trained in escort safety and privacy. As a result, your safety is better with Cachet Ladies.

Pro Tip: Since the escorts at Cachet Ladies do this primarily for fun, please remember they are just people like you and me. That is to say, ensuring the scheduling happens in advance ensures that the likelihood of a cancellation diminishes 100%. In conclusion, don’t risk your or anyone else’s safety at your party. Always choose Cachet Ladies.

Cachet Ladies offers three easy ways to schedule escorts. The first way and easiest way is to fill out the online form requesting whichever escort you wish to book. The second way is to call our office via telephone or Skype.

Cachet Ladies offers Skype to all our members so that you can keep our telephone number on your phone bill, thus avoiding prying eyes. Skype is used for audio calls only. The third way is to send our office an email where one of our customer service agents will respond to you instantly.

For the best results, we recommend calling our offices early to make the reservation you genuinely desire.

That is to say, calling also allows you to have any questions or concerns you have answered.

As a result, you can also find out about any extra or add-ons our agency offers, such as limousine service, concierge travel service, preferred rate hotel access and other discounts on activities that may be available.

Pro Tip: By calling our office directly, you can ascertain the personality of the escort you wish to meet; this is always best heard directly.

In conclusion, You’ll pay for the duration of your appointment once you meet with the escort, minus the deposit if you put one down.

Always confirm your reservation with our office; if you booked way in advance, always call us on the day off to confirm. If there is any change in plan, our office will call you; of course, no news is good news.

However, we always recommend calling us to confirm as it always helps to be entirely sure. Checking on your reservation ensures that everything will be fine once your escort arrives.

That is to say, confirming your reservation allows you leeway in the event something does happen that forces you to readjust your meeting time; As a result, our escorts will always be appreciative of that.

Pro Tip: Inclement weather, construction, and emergencies can come up with travel and traffic. Calling our offices to confirm the day of it’s just brilliant! Ensuring everything is ready for your appointment, you avoid unexpected last-minute changes.

Be courteous, offer to pay any Uber or taxi fees, and assure your escort that if you are late for the appointment, you’ll be there as soon as possible by messaging our offices.

If you can, offer a time frame for your arrival, so they know when to expect you. Calling ahead is proper etiquette and will go a long way should you want to reserve again in the future.

Scheduling Escorts and having fun with escorts does not have to be stressful. In conclusion, having you and your escort arrive at your destination should be the least of your worries. Let Cachet Ladies help you plan, and don’t forget calling early is always the best policy.

The VIP clients we curate come from all over the world


When clients visit Toronto from London, call Cachet Ladies escorts because they know and understand that safety, security and professionalism primarily matter.

When you come to Toronto and have little time to shop around, you want to deal with an escort agency that delivers quality and consistency at a reasonable rate.

The agencies’ clients are entrepreneurs, money managers, lawyers and doctors. Cachet Ladies’ clientele from London calls Cachet Ladies because we are the agency of record and trust. All clients should familiarize themselves with the Cachet Ladies Escort Policy for the Treatment of Escorts. In conclusion, our client’s safety and privacy regarding our models remain our top priority.


Les clients qui visitent Toronto depuis Paris appellent les escortes Cachet Ladies lorsqu’ils veulent quelque chose d’un peu plus beau, un peu plus sexy et un peu plus excitant.

Nos voyageurs des villes européennes peuvent appeler de nombreuses agences, mais les clients parisiens savent que Cachet Ladies est tout simplement l’agence d’escorte la plus sûre et la plus sécurisée de confiance et d’enregistrement.

Puisque Cachet Ladies est l’une des plus anciennes agences au Canada, il n’est pas surprenant que des visiteurs de Paris nous appellent. Tous les clients doivent se familiariser avec la politique Cachet Ladies Escort pour le traitement des escortes. La sécurité et la confidentialité de nos clients concernant nos modèles restent notre priorité absolue.

New York

Clients who visit Toronto from New York, Los Angeles and Miami all know the best agency in Toronto. Therefore, no agency anywhere in Canada has concierge services, access to private planes, yachts and the best hotel suites Toronto offers.

The escort agencies’ high-net-worth clients know through years of experience that Cachet Ladies has the most beautiful escorts in Toronto.

There is no other agency that matches the same level of stringent hiring practices. All clients should familiarize themselves with the Cachet Ladies Escort Policy for the Treatment of Escorts. In conclusion, In short, our client’s safety and privacy regarding our models remain our top priority.

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