Escort Travel Policies

Cachet Ladies escort travel policies are available for client travel and enjoyment. Moreover, all Cachet Ladies adult companion escorts are freely available for travel with clients. Similarly, our gorgeous escorts can meet you almost anywhere in the world if you are planning to travel and you would like one of them with you.

Escort Travel Policies

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Escort Travel Policies create Stress-Free Living.

Above all, escorts for Travel by Cachet Ladies provides its clients with the best VIP escort courtesans selected purposefully & selectively for travel purposes. However, escorts will charge travel rates listed below and most certainly for the first partial day of travel and the day of departure if the escorts leave after 1 pm.

Most importantly, please get in touch with us for a week that lasts longer to discuss the fees. After that, all rates listed are exclusive of travel costs, and all rates listed are listed in Canadian Dollars. Moreover, a minimum deposit of at least 50% is required for all bookings. As a result, stated at the time of booking and included in our Escorts Travel Policies.

For further information, please email us at or call us: at 416.410.5239 and find out more.

Travelling with escorts is fun and Exciting.

Firstly the excitement of meeting a new and gorgeous escort is one of the most entertaining things a man can do. Secondly, the seductive nature of a Cachet Ladies escort can be as intoxicating and exhilarating as falling in love for the first time. 

For example, when you meet someone in the real world, you need to spend a lot of time working to make a connection; there is an expectation in the same vein to work hard at impressing and trying hard to create a connection. Above all, with an Escort, there is no hard work; she is already ready to connect and make you happy. Subsequently, there is no hard work. 

Why would anyone look elsewhere when they want to relax on vacation? Imagine having a buddy to party with, a friend to drink with, or someone to sit and relax by the pool. That’s what hiring a Cachet Ladies escort is all about. 

Important Travel Information FAQ

The first step is to contact our office by e-mail or call directly. Above all, Let us know what type of escort you seek and your destination.

Most Importantly, we will require some basic information about you as well. Further, we assure you that we do not share this information with anyone, and it will be destroyed after your travel arrangement is over.

Once we have this preliminary information, in the same vein, we will contact the escort of your choice to confirm availability.

Prices are on a per-day basis. By “per day, “we calculate the clients’ evenings spent.

The departure day is not charged provided the escort and you part company before noon.

After that point, the additional day rate is charged. The per-day rate is the one-hour rate multiplied by ten.

We may, under exceptional circumstances, add fees, but this is quite rare.

Therefore, we realize that the vast majority of our clients are serious. However, the lady can only be expected to fly to another city with some assurance that the client will be there or that she will be at least partly compensated if he is not.

We suggest you pay by wire transfer, and our office can give you full details.

The client should pay the remaining fees shortly after the escort’s arrival. Again a certified cheque is preferable, and you may also pay by credit card provided you inform us in advance.

Escort Travel Policies FAQ

Should this occur, inform the office, and we will refund any unused portion of your payment, and she will return to Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

We are very selective about who we allow travelling for this reason, and to date, this has never happened.

If she has to cancel for unforeseen circumstances (i.e. family emergency), we will refund the total fees and any travel expenses you have assumed.

The client assumes travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, and meals.

It is the preference of some ladies that a separate room is provided for their occasional privacy.

We will inform you in advance if this is necessary.

We can purchase airline tickets on your behalf at very competitive rates.

No, our escorts wish to be contacted only through our agency (at least for
the first date). Previous telephone calls are not possible to ensure discretion.

Our escorts wish to avoid being bothered with price negotiations, preferring to show up at the agreed meeting place. Consequently, our agency is in charge of all the arrangements.

The more, the better, but we recommend at least a week. Keep in mind that in popular destinations at peak seasons, it may take work to make travel arrangements.

Our Base travel rates vary for each professional courtesan entertainer (please call & confirm the rate).

This service is only available for a minimum three-day trip to exotic or European destinations.

Please note where you see the + this allows our courtesan entertainers to receive a minimum $10k/day gambling allowance, a shopping spree, or a combination of both.

The client must pay for all breakfasts, lunches & dinners at no less than a 4-star establishment.

Finally, our entertainers must experience at least one full body spa treatment massage, prearranged every three days. Our staff can assist in making all of the arrangements necessary.

Spa treatments, massages, and additional products will be charged to the client’s room.

Cachet Ladies pride ourselves on ensuring the ladies who work with us are sensually spoiled, creating the best atmosphere for all parties involved. 

Moreover, please note all allowances will be included in the price & collected upfront in addition to the 50% initial deposit to ensure that business does not interfere with the quality of your time spent together. 

Above all, this allows you to concentrate on the more critical aspects of your leisure and enjoy your trip.