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With us, you learn escorting from the ground up. Whether you were a previous escort or joining us from another agency, Cachet Ladies will always ensure you are in a safe and financially secure environment. Cachet Ladies was Established in 1998, and Cachet Ladies escorts seek motivated, intelligent, and comfortable courtesan ladies.

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    Cachet Ladies escorts seek motivated, intelligent, and comfortable courtesan ladies for various settings and situations. Other agencies will always make promises; Cachet Ladies is the only agency that has delivered top beauty since 1998.

    We respect every applicant’s privacy, and every application submitted to our head office is reviewed. After the application process is over, we do not retain your records and automatically delete all data. We do not create databases with your information, so there is nowhere physical to store your data or images. The email application is automatically deleted after one week, and Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts no longer keeps any communication records.

    Cachet Ladies Hiring Information

    Cachet Ladies is the longest-running escort agency in Toronto. We are a very established, trustworthy courtesan agency that holds our client’s and courtesan’s privacy a top priority. We are the only agency that serves as the faithful founding member of the escort safety council. Working with Cachet Ladies means you are reliable, ethical and punctual. The marketplace is changing rapidly, and we truly know and understand that safety, security, and financial security are what it’s all about. Cachet Ladies escorts carry a true sense of comfort, security and safety. Your needs are essential, but your safety is paramount.

    Agency Benefits

    We offer benefits that other agencies could never match, even if offered.

    We are the only authentic, exclusive high-end escort agency offering the industry the highest hourly wage.

    Cachet Ladies escorts are always busy; we love it when you are available, but if you aren’t, that’s okay. Work-Life Balance.

    We offer professional photography in some of the best hotels in Toronto.

    We provide the safest workplace environment with a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who doesn’t respect our core values.

    We are the most diverse staff in the industry and are very proud of that.

    You get personal drivers to help you out whenever you need them.

    We let you run your limits, set your own goals and even change things whenever you feel you want.
    We are working together with the best SEO companies in Toronto.

    We have an executive lounge where you are welcome to come and use full WiFi, tea, and coffee whenever you please.

    Since we are the longest-running escort agency in the city, you can rest assured that our clients are some of the best in Canada.

    Tax setup and business services help you file and stay on top of your RRSP,

    Tax and Educational responsibilities.

    Home ownership program

    Tuition assistance program

    Unlimited personal assistance and mentorship are always available.

    All applications are protected and encrypted. We do not share, sell or otherwise divulge any information shared with us ever.