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Danny Palermo

Director of Marketing

Danny Palermo is A University of Western Ontario Graduate, I grew up in Montreal and Vancouver. I started my PR career in 2004 when a friend of mine introduced me the wonderful world of Marketing for Procter and Gamble. I started working for a small start up located downtown Toronto called Groove2start and successfully grew it’s practice to include online B2B and B2C business customers as well as medium to large size online retailers, not for profits and service oriented providers all across Canada and the United States. In 2010 Groove2start was bought by a larger PR firm that was aligning itself with smaller start ups, I decided to take what I learned of the Online Marketing World, Social Media Management World and endeavored to create a premium Search Engine Optimization and Realization program for the adult entrainment world. We are currently not accepting anymore clients

Danny Palermo is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the field of public relations. Her academic background and work experience have helped her establish herself as an authority in the industry.

Palermo attended Western University, where she studied public relations and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media, Information, and Technoculture. During her time at university, she actively participated in various extracurricular activities and was also a member of the Western Mustangs Cheerleading team.

After graduating from Western, Palermo began her professional career with Procter and Gamble, one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. She spent a significant portion of her career with the company, gaining valuable experience in marketing, sales, and customer service. Her hard work and dedication paid off, and she quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a senior manager.

Palermo’s success at Procter and Gamble opened up many opportunities for her, including a chance to work for a leading PR agency in Toronto. Her expertise and knowledge of the industry were highly sought after, and she quickly became a valuable asset to the company. Her work at the PR agency involved developing and implementing strategic communications plans, managing media relations, and crisis management.

Palermo’s passion for public relations, coupled with her dedication and hard work, has helped her achieve great success in her career. Her extensive experience in the industry has helped her develop a keen eye for detail, and she’s known for her ability to handle complex situations with ease. Her clients appreciate her honest and straightforward approach, and she’s widely respected in the industry for her professionalism and work ethics.

In her free time, Palermo enjoys staying active and regularly participates in marathons and other fitness events. She’s also actively involved in various charitable causes and has been associated with organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Overall, Danny Palermo is a remarkable woman who has made significant contributions to the field of public relations. Her academic achievements and professional experience have helped her establish herself as an authority in the industry, and her dedication and hard work continue to inspire others.

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