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Although you may be in a relationship, there are ways you can tell if you are single.

Even though you claim to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, are you single?

There is a new year ahead, and we do not want you to live your life in self-deceit, so we have decided to enlighten and inform you on how to identify and ascertain your relationship status in the new year.

For days, you don’t receive any phone calls or texts from them.

If you don’t call them or send them a text, they won’t do it, and when you finally do, they say they are busy and can’t do it. Without illness, dying, or suicide, no one who truly cares about you will go days without speaking to you.

It is not uncommon for them to have best friends of the opposite sex.

There is no denying that this one is tricky, but if I am honest, platonic relationships with people of the opposite gender are a rarity these days. The problem becomes more acute when they are always hanging out with their besties, and you are not one of them.

Rather than spending time with you, they would rather spend time with their friends.

There needs to be a sense of importance for you in the pecking order of the people you hold in high regard in their lives. I rarely get to see or hear from them because they are always with others, so-called friends, a lot more than you and you never get to see or hear from them.

The people around you never show you how much they love you.

Even though you are single, single people experience love more than you do. They display no romantic gestures and forget your birthday and the anniversary of your relationship.

Your complaints are not taken into consideration by them.

Despite spending all your energy complaining about what you want or how you think they should behave to make you feel more loved, they ignore you and continue to act in a way which hurts your feelings when you make them feel ignored.

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