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Are Discounts a Good Idea for Your Business?

Many forums debate this topic, which is one of the most common dilemmas in the escort industry. This is a complex issue with multiple dimensions, and there is no simple answer.

This is one of the most common dilemmas related to the escort industry and one of the most debated topics on many forums. Don’t expect to find a simple answer or magic formula to this complex topic because there are multiple dimensions. The goal is to learn how to make the right decisions at the right time. Yes, it’s easier said than done. That’s why this article continues. Essential questions cannot be answered quickly.

Discounts are a common strategy used by most industries during slow periods, and they are their strategy to make money. But is this strategy applicable in the escort industry, and what are the conditions for it to be successful?

Escorts and clients aren’t always on the same page regarding discounts. Although both sides have valid arguments, what if some business strategies that work for others harm escorts and reduce their value? 

Escort agencies handle escorts’ arrangements and decide whether or not to offer discounts. As an independent escort, you can make your own decisions, including whether to offer discounts. Before deciding, you must know what works in your favour and what can harm your career.

Our community of escorts is waiting for you.

The best way to learn from your mistakes is to learn from others. You might want to connect with other escorts in your area if you don’t have escort friends. Escorts stick together and watch each other’s backs. Having someone to learn and share experiences with is also imperative and helpful. This way, you will learn how other escorts operate and their experiences in offering discounts. You will be able to make the right decision due to this.

A good escort will tell you how vital your escort profile is and how much essential information you provide. You must be clear and precise regarding your services and rates to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations. Are your rates negotiable? Are you offering incalls, outcalls, hourly rates, special service rates (if any), additional fees, etc.?

There is a difference between offering a discount and negotiating a price.

Each escort is unique, just like every client. For some clients, service quality is more important than price. They know what they want and are willing to pay for it. It is unclear to us whether it is in their nature to bargain or if they don’t respect the work of the escorts enough. 

To make a successful business deal, mutual respect is essential (at least on a professional level). If escorting is your only source of income, you can only make a few mistakes and poor decisions. You should always consider the long-term effects of a discount before making a decision.

It’s terrible not to give a discount or to negotiate, which is a big difference between giving a discount just because a client asked for it or to keep them coming back.

If you give in to the client’s pressure and agree to a discount, you’ll appear weak and desperate for money. If you do this again, he will always try to do the same until he gets what he wants. You should stand your ground and value your work instead of asking for a discount. Your prices should reflect your quality, not the client’s budget. Asking for a discount is rude and disrespectful. Discounts must be given because you want to, not because the client asked for them or pressured you.

Discretion and Confidence

Escorts often give regular clients and trusted clients a discount. Why? Because it is not an official discount, you’ll find it on an escort’s profile. It is only for clients that have earned that privilege and must remain between them. Only loyal clients who have your trust are entitled to these benefits.

You will be asked (and expected) to give every client a discount if, by any chance, you give a discount to a client who is not trustworthy and discreet. The client broke the confidentiality deal and wrote about it in the review. That’s why you must be careful about who you give special discounts to. You should only lower your prices if you are giving regular clients who are 100% discreet.

Reading the reviews on your profile and those of other escorts in your area is crucial. You’ll gain a better understanding of your current and potential clients, and you’ll know who to offer discounts to. You can find hot escorts, ratings, and much more information on our website. 

Making smart decisions is essential.

Clients who want longer bookings or bundles often receive discounts from escorts, reinforcing their loyalty and making them regular clients.

Discounts for 30 minutes or a few hours do not pay off. However, if a client wants you to be a travel companion for a weekend or a few days, you may want to consider it. It’s crucial if you want to be his first choice for his next booking. Nothing can be guaranteed, but take it if you think you have a chance.

However, only some clients have the exact needs and expectations. You need to consider the amount of work and whether it is worthwhile before deciding about a discount. As we said, the type of service and the duration (booking length) determine whether the discount will be offered.

Being safe is better than being sorry.

If you offer a client a discount and he calls you to book again after some time, inform him that the discount is not permanent and that your current rates are on your profile (or tell him your rates over the phone). You need to be precise and straightforward to avoid misunderstandings and awkward situations. This is another reason why you shouldn’t give discounts to unreliable customers.

Regarding time-limited discounts (the new year, Christmas, and summer discounts), bundles, and longer bookings, it is best not to provide official notices about them (announced on your profile). Getting back to your regular rate and maintaining the client base who will pay for it can be challenging once you announce a discount special. It’s likely to become the status quo, and your discount rates will become expected. That’s why escorts oppose discounts and they only give them to their most trusted clients.

Final thoughts

Whether you should or shouldn’t offer a discount for your services is a personal decision that differs from escort to escort. It is best to learn from other escorts’ experiences and advice, but do not follow their words blindly. Instead, learn from their knowledge and experiences and make the right choices based on them.