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The Escorts of Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts Talks Role Play

The great part about being a top tier escort agency in Toronto is that our Toronto escorts are just the best to book appointments with! Why? Our careful selection of models means our clients get responsive, interactive and intelligent escorts who aren’t only beautiful but playful too.

So if you are looking to spice your night up with some sensual, erotic foreplay? From silk ties to front-opening, pop-open bras; we have your ultimate guide when looking to dabble in your wildest fantasies. So let’s talk role play! We look at some of the most popular fantasies loved by both men and women and just what makes them that little bit awesome!

Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies know how important it play openly, and dive into the passions that drive your desires, that’s why we urge you to think twice before calling a discount or budget escort agency.

Sexy Sailor Girl

Come sail away with me… I’m all wet and desperate to float your boat. If you’re a fan of wet t-shirt contests, and if you wish to rock your bed like a cabin in hard seas, perhaps this is the saucy scenario for you? A relatively simplistic costume themed around white and navy nautical stripes, and a captain’s hat.

Gorgeous Cheerleader

Give me an X…XX! The perfect, skimpy little outfit for a striptease! Tight, clingy tank tops and a mini skirt… these girls know how to shake it (their pom-poms, that is!), which incidentally are very pleasurable when drawn slowly over your naked skin. These accessories also double up like a burlesque-style fan, in that you can disguise certain assets, ready for the ultimate striptease. Before long, you will be shouting ‘O(h)’ at the top of your voice too!

Horny Nurse

If you’re a good boy, I’ll promise to kiss ‘there’ better… From little white corset designs to full-front unzipping mini dresses, these suggestive nurses’ uniforms will certainly raise your temperature sky high…so you better get straight to bed!

Tomb Raider

This erotic, badass costume is understated, but nevertheless sexy. With tight, little short shorts and a busty crop top; this costume is sure to see some action! You may have to squeeze your booty into a tight harness, but it’ll be well worth it. A perfect starter costumer for those looking to try dominatrix / submissive role play. Lara doesn’t take any nonsense.

Sexy Teacher

Close the door behind you, you’ve been a very naughty boy and are deserving of punishment. Bad teachers can be devilishly hot. They are not afraid of instating some suitable reprimands for those who have been bad…oh so bad! It’s time to bend over that desk and receive a good spanking! Enjoy it, and the books may be flung from the desk, ready for some hot, nasty sex! To complete this look, opt for an unbuttoned blouse, black pencil skirt, and some well-trimmed glasses. You could also seductively suck on the end of a pen…just don’t break eye contact – remember, he’s been very naughty!

Hot Army Babes

These girls aren’t afraid of getting down and dirty. They’re hot, toned and ready to put you through your paces. Again, these are no-nonsense females ready to see some explosive action. Perfect for sex in the great outdoors, this outfit, is again a simple one to put together – opt for a khaki boob tube, short shorts and a camo cap. Be sure to smear your body with green and brown body paints.
With role-play; it is always good to keep things fun and light. Agree on a safe word, which will let the other know if spanking or any other sexual act is getting to be a little much. Embrace your creativity and do not be afraid to talk about what feels right and what you would love more of. Equally, if something is not working for you, your partner will only come to know this if you tell them (obviously in a sensitive and diplomatic manner). Of course, the most important thing is for both of you to have fun!

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