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Cachet Ladies Escorts Talk About Toronto Gun Violence

Toronto is about to get more eyes on crime.

Turns out that our Mayor, (we love you by the way – There hasn’t been a better mayor in the city of Toronto since Mel Lastman!!) is teaming up with some pretty powerful crime fighters. CCTV Cameras that is!!

Our premiere, RH Mr.Doug Ford (We also love you too, please help balance our budget) announced that they are finally investing in more cameras for our great city. It’s about time we say it’s been rather a scary place especially at night where one never knows if a shoot out will happen.

The entire summer in the back of our heads we’ve been grappling with the city’s gun violence problem.

It sounds like they are finally getting serious about violent crime, especially violent gun crime that particularly scares our industry the most. Escorts in Toronto have been terrified about gun violence all summer long, we just don’t feel safe sometimes going out at night, especially in king west where there have been so many shootings lately.

We love that our Mayor is teaming up with the Premiere in a bi-partisan show of strength, coming together along with the Toronto Police to help combat this most terrible of scourages on our great city.

Our Mayor was quoted as saying:

“We have people who are literally terrorizing neighborhoods, oftentimes when they don’t even live in those neighborhoods, and that the video evidence of their presence in those neighborhoods and the acts they commit there, the acts of violence, are incredibly valuable to the police in bringing those people to justice,”



We are looking forward to seeing the safety benefits will have on our city.

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