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NBA Fans Lost a Monster, Kobe Bryant

This past week we learned the horrible and extremly sad news of the passing ofone of basketball’s largest figures Kobe Bryant. We are not a sports website so we are not going to pretend that we know all about his stats, and all about his spirit in the game. We are however going to quickly talk about how hard it hit most of us that his 13 year old daughter was with him at the time of his tragic accident.

I think every parent knows what horror would have gone through his head if he was aware of what was about to happen. Words cannot describe the agony that we all feel for his wife, their other survived children and immediate family. To losse one family member is hard, to loose two at the same time tragically is impossible to imagine.

Life isn’t fair, it’s just not.

Everyone knows this, everyone feels this and everyone always acts so sympathetic when they hear it on the news of some tragedy or another that always seems too far removed to really impact them directly. Have you stopped to think about what would your life be if you suddenly lost the most important person?

Not many do so that’s why today’s blog post isn’t about you, or me or even an idea.

It’s about all the people who you’ve told you love and haven’t really shown it too. It’s about that phone call you should have made that you didn’t or that appology you are waiting to make at the right time.

This advice isn’t for everyone, some are just to pragmatic in their approach to life to concern themselves with forces outsife the efffect of their immediate lives. This is okay, it’s all about what’s right for you and how you choose to create that outwordly connection with whoever you want. Be it your wife, your girlfreind or even an escort from one of the many agencies you can find online.

Our take, we are only here one time make it a good time, laugh, live and love.

We here at Cachet Ladies Escorts are all about servicing clients in Toronto with class and distinction. Most of our clients just want to go to a hotel listen to music and have a few cocktails. They want company, they want to feel loved, wanted.

This week has really brought perspective forward.

Hope everyone feels love this week.