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New Site, New Look Coming Soon

New Site, New Look Coming Soon

A new site and a new way to book your VIP escort companions

Coming soon, we are investing in a new site and scheduling system that will redefine your experience. Browse and book online through a catalogue of certified and genuine escorts. A unique VIP experience brought to you by Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts.

We are expanding within the Ontario region and redefining what an excellent courtesan escort experience should be. Our new elite escort models will please all our clients, existing and new.

From Niagara Falls, through the heart of Toronto and to Muskoka, we look forward to serving all our clients on our new site soon. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send our marketing team an email. We love hearing suggestions, comments and feedback directly. You can always send us a message using our email, or if you are looking for work as an escort, don’t hesitate to check out our employment page.

We will keep you posted weekly on the progress, so check back soon.

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This article was written for informational purposes only and in no way, shape or form dictates offers or solicits offers of any service. Click here for more information regarding our escort agency and privacy policy.

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