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Outcall Safety: How to Stay Safe

Outcall escort services always involve travelling, so it comes with certain risks. It will prevent risks and unpleasant situations if you know how to stay safe before, during, and after outcall service. It will also make it easier for you to relax and enjoy time with clients.

Certain risks are associated with travelling during outcall service, but knowing how to stay safe will prevent the risks and unpleasant situations associated with outcall service. The more relaxed you can be with clients, the easier it will be for you to relax. Remember, you should never compromise your health and safety. Additionally, this article will provide information about how to behave, what to do in certain situations, and how to prepare for your date.

Don’t leave anything to chance.

It is well known that some professions require certain body types and features, while others require brains and intellect, but escorts need both. Regardless of how attractive you are, how charming you are, how educated you are, how skilled you are socially, and all the other skills you possess, if you don’t take the right safety measures, eventually you will find yourself in a situation you would not like to be in.

In an ideal world, there’s always the possibility you’ll run into a client who wants to take advantage of you. However, if you’re careful and intelligent, you’ll be alright. You never know what’s going on in one’s mind, especially with new clients, so it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to make sure it’s safe to go on an outcall with a client. As you would a seatbelt in a car, you should do this whenever someone books an outcall. Make it a habit every time.

Performing a screening.

To avoid ending up with a time-waster, scammer, or potentially aggressive client, you should gather information about them before you make a booking. When a client calls you to arrange a booking, try to find out as much about him as possible. If all of his information doesn’t match, politely refuse the offer. Request his name, address, and phone number (ideally, a landline or hotel). Ask him to repeat it and see if it all matches up. If they have any special requests, ask about their expectations.

Check the client’s address and make sure it is safe (it’s not in a shady area). Call the place where you should meet to verify the phone number. You can contact him at the hotel to confirm his reservation or at his home if he wants to meet you there. Agency escorts do not have to worry about this, as the agency covers them. Independent escorts should be cautious, and you should trust your gut and your instincts. Don’t risk yourself by accepting an offer that doesn’t feel right.

Take part in the escort community. Ask other escorts in your area (and your clients’ area) about your potential client. You can find reviews on EscortRankings.cc that provide insight into your client’s legitimacy and other information by visiting this review and rating site. 

You can read our escort blogs to learn more about escort safety. 

Providers of services.

The client should understand what you offer and what isn’t on the table since you are a professional escort. Your escort profile should contain all the necessary information, such as your services, rates, terms and conditions, biography, etc. You don’t want any misunderstandings or potentially dangerous situations, so ensure your clients have all the right information, booking time, price, payment method, etc. 

Keeping your identity a secret.

As an escort, you should always keep your identity anonymous. It’s not just about your name on your escort profile. It’s best to keep all your objects or documents out of sight of clients, including your bank card, ID, driver’s licence, etc. Ensure that everything is in your bag and that it goes with you in the bathroom. It would help if you also avoided topics that can reveal personal information.

Use a prepaid phone with a new number attached to your escort profile, and only use it for escorts. You don’t want clients to contact you outside of work, especially on your private number.

Your whereabouts should be communicated to a friend.

If something goes wrong with your date, always let a friend or someone you can trust know where you are going and your plans. Let them know your client’s name, address and phone number. Set up an emergency signal (or codeword) and arrange communication methods. 

Getting around.

Never accept a client’s offer to drive you home or pick you up from your apartment. Don’t let him know your address because you don’t know him. Take your car, a taxi, or even better, arrange for a driver to take you to and from your apartment. In the case of your first meeting with the client, you should arrange for the driver to wait for you, just in case you need him. If you decide to drive alone, park far away from your client’s house so he won’t see your license plate.

Prepayment of services is required.

It would be best if you got paid for your services when you meet your client in his hotel room or at his place. If he refuses, remind him of the contract; if he still refuses, tell him to leave. You may not be paid if you agree to be paid after the date. Avoid accepting credit cards. When booking, make sure he knows you only accept cash. The client should prepare the payment in an envelope, place it where you can see it, and count the money if you want. Buying a bank note pen checker would be wise if you ever encounter counterfeit notes.

Measures are taken to ensure safety.

  • Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to check out the surroundings and if it’s a safe place.
  • Tell him to leave if more people are with him (at his house or hotel room). If he refuses, leave.
  • There have been secretly filmed events (mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc.). Hidden cameras are rare, but they have occurred.
  • Use Google maps to find the client’s address.
  • It would help if you always kept your mobile phone with you.
  • Do not accept drinks if you do not see them being poured.
  • You can use apps to help you stay safe, such as Client Eye, which lets you see reported clients (no-shows, time-wasters, abusive clients).
  • It has several safety features, including calling your “safe” contact if you don’t check out at the end of your date. The app also logs your location and journey. Shaking your phone will alert your “safe contact” (your friend or whomever you choose) to call the police if you feel unsafe.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings and exits.
  • The best thing you can do if you find drugs or weapons in the apartment (or hotel room) is to make an excuse and leave (you can tell him you will be back shortly).
  • Use the word “love” carefully when speaking to a client. He may misunderstand it. Don’t give the impression that you can be lovers (unless you do).