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Sex Education and How to Treat Your Professional Companion

August 1st, 2019

Sex education is imperative for our health, safety, and overall progression. Like the other facets of our educational development, sexual knowledge is essential to our development. Sex education explains the important aspects attached to sexual intercourse, reproduction, the dangers of unprotected sex. It talks about how male and female genitalia works; and or interact with each other, in conjunction with your body and mind.

The sex education in most public schools is administered by the gym and or physical training instructor, this means your gym teacher is usually the one explaining sex to you. In my past experience, this meant my teachers was a burly man with long hair, wearing a tracksuit joking around about ejaculation and penises. But at the age of 14, I thought this was very funny, but probably not the best way to explain sex to developing children. Even though he did at some point get the general point across and I came to an understanding. The palpable knowledge taken away from my personal sex education training was the understanding of sexually transmitted diseases and or the dangers associated with each of them. This gave me an idea of how to excel in the practice, which in itself offered conflicting opinions. As an adult, applying sexual practices that are safe for both parties, is simply a matter of respect, and your general knowledge comes into effect. Safe sex will ensure the satisfaction and enjoyment of both, or all participants. Your date will appreciate your efforts.

There are many instances where sex can be abused by young people, this can be seen with teen pregnancy and very high abortion rates of girls of a certain age, but delegated to specific areas. If better sexual education was practiced; in an adult, frank and asserting manner, than our understanding as the youth would have a positive impact on our adult years. We would be able to implement educational strategies taken into context. This can be done by removing any forms of humor. It may be generally attached to explaining sexual practices, even though this might make it easier to talk to you about it, also makes it seem less tangible. Keep in mind that there are many different sexual activities that are enjoyable, and that will not result in disease or pregnancy, no matter what you do. Perhaps consider practicing some of these techniques.


In conclusion, the best way to go about deciding the most positive ways to change sexual education is by looking at the framework and mandates that have worked with other systems designed for teaching youth. This will lay down the groundwork for a sound and generalized method, that can be used on a universal basis. This may take time to establish, but in the end, will be worth the effort. Educating yourself is for your safety, and the safety of those you care about. Talk to your date beforehand about any boundaries that she has or doesn’t have. This will make your encounter smooth, and memorable.

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