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Skirts vs. Booty Shorts: The Ultimate Battle Volume 3

Skirts vs. Booty Shorts: The Ultimate Battle Volume 3

Social Norms and Cultural Standards

Skirts vs. Booty Shorts: How you carry yourself affects how others perceive you. This goes for your general appearance and overall demeanor. The old saying “The clothes make the man” is true, and can reflect our personalities, or appear to. Others have an opinion of your personality, based on your general appearance. Tattoos, clothing styles and choices, and even haircuts alert others of how much income we generate or have access to, what their music taste is, sexual preference, and even mood. Men and women both have different personality traits, that are reflected in their actions and choices of apparel.

Some men love to dress really well, a lot of our clients are of the higher end. Sometimes though the escorts of Cachet Ladies can become pretty disappointed when they open the door only to encounter a real mess of a dress so to speak.

Society perpetuates clothing trends that are related to the cultural norms of a specific area. Factoring in social layering, and combing celebrity and media influence with religious barriers, create each regions fashion. Skirts and Booty shorts are fun, permissible clothing choice, delegated to countries and regions that keep public freedom at the top of their list of priorities.

Flirt Factor
Which garment allows more opportunities for flirtatious activity; skirts or booty shorts? Let’s take a look at both, and come to a consensus. Booty shorts allow for perfectly timed bend overs and can present one’s assets in its most prime light. Mini skirts can do similar for the body but, offers some varying angles that allow one’s imagination to run wild.

August, 4th 2019
Jimmy Mildred

So Jimmy, what do you prefer? Skirts or booty shorts?

“Whichever one gives me faster access. But from a visual standpoint, I love short mini skirts.”

Do you have a specific style that catches your eye?

“I don’t mind a classy skirt on a classy lady, but to be honest, the shorter the better!”

What are your opinions on booty shorts?

“Well, today ladies have more figure than when I was growing up. Even the women in magazines didn’t have as much going on. Short, shorts make their bodies pop, and look amazing.”

My interview with Jimmy took me to a townhouse in Hamilton, Ontario. Close to the once swimmable lake, and nearby the popular Jackson square mall. This 54-year-old engineer is an old family friend and is married to a very pretty young 24-year-old yoga instructor. Uncle Jimmy has always been insightful when it comes down to the opposite sex. Talking to him growing up was always a fun and memorable experience, which is why I chose to interview him.

Final Thoughts

There are many elements that attract us to one another. These can be physical or non-physical. Non-physical connotations have broader roots involved. Physical attractiveness is more universal, and though it has many variations, usually stems from the same idea. The difference may only vary by region and cultural heritage. Both of the styles we discussed have benefits and provide titillation to both sexes, but which one is dearest to you, depends on your own personal tastes.

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