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Social Development and Using Professional Escorts, Part 2

Social Development and Using Professional Escorts, Part 2

This follow-up article to my previous “Social Development and Using Professional Escorts” installment, which focused on our technical logical interactions, will dive deeper into my original thesis, which was essentially how our communication skills are being hindered by the ability to communicate with each other on a massive scale. This, of course, stems from the simplicity of the access to these forms of communication, among other reasons, such as the ease of methods to break these ties and connections.


For outside reasons, many aspects of our lives will become a homogenized components. This is based on ideals and directly reflects a need and want system. Homogenization of your needs and wants has taken many forms, from bottled water to control of relationships on a massive scale in order to bolster specific industries and mindsets (divorces lawyers, housing industries, etc.). For one, the majority of individuals who get married in Western Society will not maintain that relationship. This is now reached an over 50% mark. Divorce and loss of relationships are considered a boutique or a milestone. For specific individuals, this is just something that happens, or is it something that is being forced to happen?

For a capitalist who is functioning using systems that do not require a monetary investments; (example of this can be Google Facebook and many other online programs that you use to share information with other humans) use systems that allow other humans to see your personal details, regardless of any way you would like to feign some form of personal shroud. The capitalist corporations and systems who have created these programs have found ways and measures to generate massive amounts of profit, without charging the majority of their clients ANYTHING, an interesting concept but of course, is a direct relation to the homogenization of your human needs & wants. The things that you want and need, are usually universal but may differ slightly based region, available resources, education, laws, and any other outside influence.


The people who have enough power and understanding of these needs and wants will find ways to maximize their own profit by amalgamating the basic details, but because this is pseudo and the homogenized version, it will be lacking some of the basic components required for you to enjoy and or understand this idea correctly. For instance, live streaming applications and or live streaming models provide titillating seductive entertainment but also do not touch or interact on a physical level with their clients. The pleasure of pleasing is all up to them, and instead of a form of psychosis takes hold as their minds bend and mutate to the whim of a capitalist. Meaning these poor unfortunate individuals are strung out spending money that they most likely should be using to better their own lives, as opposed to supporting the lives of someone who will never touch them in reality. The difference between these types of individuals and one who can afford to work with Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies is the drive and determination that they have to succeed.

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