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The escort industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

The escort industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Currently, the city of Toronto is facing 16,477 Covid-19 cases of those 16K+ Covid-19 cases 14,794 are reported recovered, which leaves 1683 active cases that we know of. Here’s the thing that caught our attention when we look at a graph on Google or we search active Covid-19 cases in Toronto we are greeted with a beautiful graph such as this one.

Covid-19 Cases Toronto

The issue we have with this graph is two-fold. Firstly the graph does not depict active cases which means if you don’t have a data science background or aren’t used to deciphering technical information from a graph you would automatically assume that the active cases are almost 15k in Toronto.

The second issue we take with this graph is that it doesn’t show vital statistics like hospitalizations which in itself is a very important statistic since COVID-19 can be anywhere from mild to deadly knowing the rate of hospitalization would seem as important as any stat to include.

There are so many varying opinions on this, some think it’s a democratic conspiracy to try and get Donald Trump out of the White House, others think it’s a right-wing conspiracy to hold onto power. Either way, the truth is clear, the virus is real and it’s here, so just how deadly is the virus, and what information can help us stay safe and where? Where does one go to get valid information on active cases? As an escort agency, we are concerned with outbreaks, active case counts and during phase 2/3 re-opening of small business across Ontario we are beyond frustrated that real data just isn’t available. We visited https://www.publichealthontario.ca/ and they too direct data stats which include the people who have died as total cases. How is this allowing individuals and business owners to better understand the risks associated with a COVID-19 outbreak?

During any social gatherings, masks are always recommended and should be used as a rule, not an exception. Washing hands often, and ensuring that a hand sanitizer is used often after touching public surfaces of any kind. The escorts of Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies are instructed that when they are in social settings to always deploy hand sanitizer with a minimum of 65% alcohol content after touching any surface. Interpersonal contact is frowned upon and wearing a face mask is mandatory.

If you have questions regarding our health and safety procedures please drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your concerns. As always we wish you a healthy and positive experience when engaging with our escorts.

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