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The Rich and Famous who Used to be Escorts

So people always ask what it’s like being an escort in Toronto? What do you have to do to make it this business? Is it fun? Rewarding? Aren’t you afraid of being caught? Eventually, everyone in the escort business needs to come to their conclusions about what it’s all about for themselves. It’s nice to know that when you look back at who also used to work in the industry and to realize that they too started somewhere. The reality is we aren’t all born fortunate as others, and genetics or beauty doesn’t always dictate how much money you have, earn, or how smart you are or aren’t.

The good escorts, the ones who will make it far in this business are the ones that take a common-sense approach to the entire business. By far we mean to get in, make your money, and get out one way or another. Some escorts will meet the love of their life, believe it or not, others will make enough money to secure a certain goal then they’re out.

Let’s find out which rich and famous people were smart enough to make something big out of themselves and leave the Escort business in the dust.

Marilyn Monroe.

  1. Long before the Hollywood Sex Symbol became Marilyn Monroe, She was Norma Jean and was known for doing anything to become rich and famous. Marilyn hung out with powerful directors and producers, which got her anything from a good meal to $500. It paid off in the end as Marilyn became the famous sex symbol of Hollywood’s golden age.

Brad Pitt.

  1. Brad sexuality has often been questioned by some people. Brad arrived in Hollywood years ago, with only a few hundred dollars to his name. After running late for an interview with Thom Racina, he was instead hired as the Gay’s soap stars houseboy. Brad took care of the home and ran other errands. It’s still questioned what Brad had to do, to keep his room and board.

Russell Brand.

  1. It was Russell Brands Ex-wife Katy Perry who claimed that he used to be a professional escort. This statement has never been confirmed by Russell himself. But Katy is always more than happy to casually talk about her Ex’s previous occupation.

Sophie Anderton.

  1. Sophie is not shy to talk about the time when she was a high-class escort. Sophie Anderton says she used to charge up to $15,000 per hour which supported the lifestyle she was addicted to. Sophie also said that she earned £50,000 for sleeping with 5 men.

Tony Danza.

  1. Before his big break on ‘who’s The Boss’ in the ’80s. His career took off when he began a connection with Hollywood Producer Merv Griffin. Some claim that this working gig was not so professional. Merv was known for hiring young men like Tony to parade around naked at various parties. Whatever he did pay off for him as he fulfilled his dream of being a professional boxer and actor.

Denise Richards.

  1. Known for being a top model and also the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen. Denise has naughty secrets of her own. Allegedly she worked for Heidi Fleiss. Denise denied these rumors. But things became a little suspect when Charlie Sheen, her husband at the time, was revealed to being one of Heidi’s clients. Could this be a coincidence?

Matthew Paetz.

  1. Matthew claims he was a dating lifestyle coach. But TMZ has quoted in 2014 that Matthew had a double life and was in fact Christian on the website ‘COWBOYS4ANGELS’ Which is a website that offers male escorts for lonely women.

Al Pacino.

  1. Al Has confessed that in his 20’s he used to tread sexual services for freeboard.

Roseanne Barr.

  1. Roseanne is comfortable telling anyone that will listen, that she use to be an escort 20’s. She said she did it to support her family and comedy career.

Nancy Reagan.

  1. The Late Nancy Reagan was rumored to be a private escort back when she was aspiring to be an actress. Nancy Davis would serve and entertain actors at the studios planned to recruit. That all ended when she met Ronald Reagan and became a politician’s wife.

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