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Toronto Escorts are Facing an Economic Disaster Amid COVID-19

Many industries are facing a sharp downturn amid coronavirus fears, and Toronto Escorts are among those hit. Many fear they won’t be able to supplement their lost income and may be pushed into riskier options. Toronto Escorts we have interviewed open up about what the coronavirus means for them.

The coronavirus has affected workplaces across the country, especially those who work in casual work and the gig economy. In these days of social distancing, Toronto Escorts are feeling the stark economic impacts of COVID-19.

Escort industry representatives say that they fear this downturn in business may drive some escorts towards clients and practices they would otherwise deem too risky in normal circumstances. And for some who regularly work with disabled clients, they feel it’s just not possible to proceed with regular bookings.

With a large section of Toronto Escorts operating as independent contractors, relief measures announced by the federal government, like additional cover for sick leave, doesn’t currently apply. Many are concerned about how they will cope in the coming months.

Given the stigma that surrounds being an escort, escorts often have difficulty accessing mainstream services when they are in crisis.

The projection of the number of workers in the industry vary and estimates say there are up to 20,000 people working as escorts in any one year, while other research has suggested there are between 1,500 and 10,000 Escorts in Canada active at any one time.

The uncertainty surrounding escort work has become an ever present reality. Escorts are already being financially impacted by COVID-19.

As casual workers, Toronto Escorts don’t have access to sick leave or the current federal stimulus measures, so there is no safety net for the loss of income we have experienced and will continue to experience.

The impact of this is disproportionately felt by lower-income escorts and those who do not have other employment options, or for whom being an escort is the best option for their circumstances.

There’s been growing fears among many within the escort industry, and plans are already scheduled for a industry wide meeting on Thursday. The loss of income on escorts can lead some to take on work with clients they would prefer not to. Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies doesn’t have to deal with this situation since we have planned ahead and are taking all safety and precautions during this extremely difficult time.

The inability to access any state-based financial support means that we may experience restrictions on our ability to be self-determined at work. All of the escorts who work at Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies incorporate and pay their taxes.

There are escorts peer organisations that provide many types of support to escorts. The support ranges from counselling, information-sharing and recommendations for staying safe at work.

There’s been an emergence of crowdfunders raising money for specifically Toronto Escorts who industry leaders say have a lack of government support. One of the crowd funders so far has up to nine thousand dollars.

Many escorts we spoke to are frustrated with the lack of industry support, as their regulars have stopped calling, they say there has been no precautions to protect workers from the virus and others have simply closed their doors for the foreseeable future. Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies was appalled to hear what was happening at the other escort agencies.

The lack of clients means many escorts might need to create content online, something most say is a little scary, because of what being public-facing means.

The suddenness of outbreak means escorts don’t have any safety net right now, because they haven’t allowed for escorts to be “prepped” for a down period, instead it’s left many worried about their living situations.

Let’s pray for a quick end to this madness soon.

We hope that everyone not just the escorts in Toronto stay safe out there.

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