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What is the best way to turn down a client gently?

What is the best way to turn down a client gently?

There is no shame in turning down a client at some point, and it happens in every business and industry at one point or another. If this happens to you, don’t worry, it’s completely normal.

Learning to gracefully and professionally decline clients is never too soon or too late. Every escort will, at some point, have to turn down a client.

Poor hygiene and a bad attitude, for example, are significant deal-breakers when it comes to turning down a client, and they can both be subjective and objective reasons. You may feel uncomfortable in the company of a particular client because you’re overbooked, or you may need to be able to accept new clients.

It would help if you considered your career and comfort before you make any decision. 

Learning new things is always good, so we have prepared some tips and advice for you here at Cachet Ladies Toronto.

Provide the client with a genuine listening ear

Let’s say you are in the middle or at the very beginning of a booking process with a client, and you realize you cannot deliver what he wants. It would be best if you told him before you did anything that you understood what he was saying but that it would not be possible for specific reasons (that you will explain to him).

No matter your reason for rejection, please don’t feel obliged to explain it to him. It is your decision, and you should respect it. If you decide you don’t understand and shut him down, you’ll burn bridges, and the rejection won’t be well received. 


The definition of professionalism is not just dealing with ideal circumstances and working in perfect conditions. In addition to working under pressure, a professional can handle unpleasant situations and circumstances, solve problems, and make the best of any situation. It isn’t an easy task, but that’s why a true professional can handle it.

If a situation demands you decline service, you must have a formal procedure as a professional. A professional should be clear and calm, persuasive but kind. Please explain your rejection but do so in a way that does not make them feel hurt. 

Your social skills and ability to read clients make you a suitable escort. You can say no in many ways, but there is never a good enough reason not to say it, no matter what. Listen to what he says, or read between the lines, and find the best way to say no if needed. 

The key to calming a client down is not to be arrogant, regardless of whether they ask you for explanations or a meeting. A white lie can always help.

How Rude is Ghosting?

In most situations, ghosting is not a solution to any problem. However, there are a few instances when ghosting can be the only way out of an unpleasant conversation. If you cannot or do not want to meet a client, you can ghost them, and the worst thing you can do is ignore a question, message or request. Similarly to escorts, clients have a community and keep in touch to protect one another, just as escorts do.

Your decisions can damage your reputation and potential clients if you ghost a client. An alternative is to answer a client’s question or politely refuse a request. In this way, a client will not be upset, and even if he writes an honest review, he can only say you politely declined to provide the service.

Ghosting a client is a wise move if the client shows dangerous behaviour, stalks you, ignores your polite rejection or shows dangerous behaviour.

Keep communication channels open.

Clients must reach you before they can book you. The best way to respond to a client who has declined you is to use the same method used by the client in the first place, whether that is a phone call, email, SMS, or voice message. It’s okay to reply by SMS if he emailed you, but you should call him back respectfully and gently if he calls you. Responding with an SMS is rude and unprofessional.

How long will you turn them down, or are you only temporarily?

There are many situations you could encounter as an escort. Sometimes, you may have to decline a client and your company permanently. You may be forced to decline a client because of a tight schedule.

If you will decline your client permanently, it is essential to be precise.

Typically, clients are turned down for good for a bad temper, inappropriate behaviour, or disrespecting the escort’s boundaries.

Despite this, sometimes even the most promising clients are turned down because of your busy schedule. It happens all the time. The client has to accept that you can only sometimes be available 24/7, and they cannot always say yes to their requests. It’s essential to be professional, apologies for the inconvenience, and briefly explain why you cannot meet him on his chosen date (but don’t go into too much detail). If you wish, you can also indicate another date on which you are available for booking.

Whether your explanation is complete or not, it’s up to you. If it’s a personal matter, do not elaborate. Finding another viable reason to decline/postpone a reservation is better. 

When you have a dinner date booked that overlaps with a client who requests your company for, for example, a trip, and you decide to go along with that option, it’s better to tell a white lie and postpone the date than to reveal the truth. If you overlap bookings, even by mistake, you will offend him and lose him as a client. The best solution is to avoid overlapping bookings.

Take a look at how other escorts operate.

Keeping in touch with other escorts is not a sign of weakness, and asking other escorts for advice is not disgraceful. You can also find a lot of information in the reviews of previous clients.

You will be able to act and respond more effectively if you know how clients think. As the most extensive escort review and rating website, Escort Rankings is a one-stop shop for connecting with escorts as well as reading client reviews. For example, check out Toronto escort reviews and see what clients think about them. 

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