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What should you charge for travelling with a client?

What should you charge for travelling with a client?

Your service list includes travelling companionship, or you already offer it, but you are still determining how much to charge. Travelling with a client differs from spending a few hours with someone’s company, as is usually the case with regular clients.

Either you are still determining how much to charge for travelling companionship, or you have already added it to your service list.

The experience of travelling with a client differs from spending a few hours with someone, as you would with a regular outcall. Choosing the right price is personal, but Cachet Ladies is always here to help you understand what can influence the price.

You will pay more depending on how much work you do and your time with a client. Typical outcall services last no more than one night, taking approximately eight to twelve hours. Travelling with clients requires you to spend three days in the company of one client (for weekend trips), which means the price will be higher, and it should be proportional to the amount of time and effort you have to devote. 

To keep the client happy and entertained, you must show more than just your beauty. Put more effort into it, and you will reap the rewards in terms of money, ratings, and excellent reviews. Put on charm, patience, enthusiasm, skills, and your best clothes and dive right into the adventure. 

Make sure you know your worth when travelling with a client

The key to any emotional or business relationship is knowing yourself. As an escort, you must possess a strong persona and know all physical, emotional, and other boundaries. Setting a price should be based on your knowledge, skills, experience, education, social skills, time, and beauty. This is not an easy task.

When travelling with a client, you should be sincere and not underestimate yourself. Know your strengths and promote them, but don’t hide your weaknesses. Do not underestimate yourself, but keep your ego under control. If you are professional and feel comfortable with who you are, your customer will appreciate your honesty and job well done.

Get to know your clients better.

It is much safer now in the escort business than it was years ago. The more you know about your clients, the safer you will be, and you will set the price quicker. You can learn about them firsthand or from the escort community, escort agencies, or other clients’ reviews. 

On their travels, famous and wealthy people often seek discreet partners. They will probably share more information about themselves and their expectations to convince escorts that they are safe and trustworthy. Some people will spend a large sum of money to have a charming escort and a discreet companion, and they do not like being alone. 

When you know more about the person booking you, you can adjust the price accordingly, negotiate, and make it a win-win situation for both of you. Immediately, you will know if this will be more of a job or a pleasure, or both equally.

Places to visit

It is also essential to consider the destination when setting up a travel companion service. 

You can prepare less for a trip to another city than if you were travelling to another country. Travelling with a client inside Canada should not be as expensive as travelling abroad. 

Ensure that your client understands he will be responsible for travel expenses, accommodation, and your services, and let him know if any additional expenses arise. For the best experience for both of you, you need to consider the type of journey, the services you will provide, the destination, and your customers’ financial abilities when setting the price. To have a successful experience, both parties must be clear and loud about everything.

The length of the trip

The duration of a trip is significant, if not crucial. As an escort, the imperative is that you charge for your time, then your services. Of course, the price will differ if you are booked for three days or an entire week.

Once more, math is the key to success. How many bookings would you usually take over the weekend or the week you’ll be away with your client? Is escorting your primary source of income, or do you have another job and have to take a vacation so you can accompany your client? The price will vary depending on all the factors mentioned above. Talk with the client and see what both of you can afford. 

Business or Vacation Trip?

Knowing whether this trip is a vacation or a business trip will help you set your price. 

If the destination is to your taste (or you dream of visiting it someday), and the client is to your taste, you might want to set a lower price or offer discounts for certain services. You will see the destination you dreamed about and enjoy the company of a client that suits your taste if those two reasons are enough for you to consider lowering your rate.

When you know one another and are meeting for the first time, there is probably chemistry between you, and you’ll have a good time. The nature of the trip and the events you will attend should be explained if it is only a business trip. This type of companionship requires more preparation, work, or special services, so the price will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Is there anything you need to do?

Knowing precisely what the client expects from you is essential for negotiating the trip’s price. 

You may have to attend corporate events on a shorter business trip. Some clients may have special requests and requirements, so preparing appropriate clothing, accessories and conversation topics will be crucial. You will be expected to be the best and classiest version of yourself and be the star of the day, making your companion proud to have you with him. A mall visit will be required to find new clothes and accessories for this type of booking.

The adventure may be in an exotic destination where your client expects you to be his party girl, his sexy nymph, and someone who appreciates the chance to travel the world and learn about it. The price might be lower if the booking is your dream come true, as it will bring money, excitement, and some dreams that have become a reality for you.

Before you set your price, ask your client if he expects sexual or pure companionship services. Sexual services can be charged according to the level of the client’s needs and expectations. Should you prepare costumes, toys and equipment if he asks for a girlfriend experience? Do you have special wishes, kinks, fetishes or other fantasies? If you provide these services, you will be charged more. Clients should clarify whether they want only the company or something else.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee of an agency? 

Agency-employed escorts can create their prices, but if there are longer bookings, agencies will negotiate the price with the client on your behalf.

Additionally, they will consider how much time and money they will lose from the clients interested in you while you are travelling and adjust the price accordingly.

Working independently will give you more control over negotiating prices and setting your schedules. You will manage your finances and time for the journey, and you will be able to agree on a price with a client before and during travel.

Keep up with the Escort Community by exploring the market.

A professional and reputable escort will charge you for your time, the specific services you perform, and the beauty, intelligence, and skills required to successfully book an escort.

In addition to the escort industry, it is essential to recognize the importance of the escort community. Making good connections in the industry will help you develop your career and find your niche, which will affect prices at some point.

Make sure to investigate how much other escorts charge, compare what they offer and find a middle ground. How much they charge is only one part of the picture. Don’t blindly follow what others do.

If you want to find the hottest escort in your area, visit Cachet Ladies Escorts to see our rates, ratings, and reviews. 

Also, don’t forget to read our blog since it contains valuable information, such as clients’ experiences, thoughts, and recommendations. As a result, you only want to compare your rates with genuine and professional escorts.

Become a travel companion even if you are not a “VIP.”

There are escorts claiming to be VIP escorts, connecting them with travel companion services and a price tag. You don’t have to declare yourself as a VIP escort to provide specific services. 

The quality of your work, the amount of love and dedication you put into it, and the price you charge make you VIP. No matter what you are, whether you are a girl next door, a mature escort, a professional, or just starting, you love to explore and grow. Know your worth, and be realistic.

As a result,

For a travel companionship service, you must set multiple universal prices. You will likely encounter a variety of clients with different demands. Companionship while Travelling with a client is a demanding and complex service.

Making the price negotiable is the best way to learn about the client, his expectations, needs, desires, and the type of travel company he wants. Consider all aspects of this exciting opportunity to visit new places, have fun, earn more, and be flexible and transparent.