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What’s the best way to say no to a client?

What’s the best way to say no to a client?

We rarely talk about this at Cachet Ladies, but sometimes it does come up.

You’ll have to refuse a client at some point if you’re an escort. If this happens to you, don’t be sad because it happens in every industry and business.

You may have to turn down a client at some point in your career. Don’t feel bad if that happens to you; it happens in every industry. It’s never too late or too soon to learn how to do this well and gently.

Depending on the context, there are many reasons to turn down a client, subjectively or objectively. Poor hygiene and a bad attitude, for example, are significant deal-breakers. Turning down a particular client if you are overbooked or feel uncomfortable in his company may be reasonable.

Before making any decisions, you should determine what is best for you, your career, and what you are comfortable with. 

Provide a genuine listening experience to the client.

You have to turn them down if you realize that you can only deliver what a client requires in the middle or at the beginning of a booking process. Before you take any action, let him know that you understand his concerns and that it’s not possible for the reasons you will give.

Don’t feel obliged to, no matter how much you try to explain the reason. It is your job and your decision whether to explain it or not. If you feel the need to explain the reason, say so. It is your job and your decision whether to explain. 

Maintain a professional attitude.

Working under pressure, dealing with unpleasant situations and circumstances, solving problems, and making the best of any situation is not all part of being professional; being professional means more than just working under perfect conditions and dealing with perfect scenarios. The task is difficult, but only a true professional can accomplish it.

A professional should know when to decline a service request and how to do so. Be clear, be calm, be persuasive, but be kind. Give a brief explanation for your rejection but make sure it doesn’t seem personal. 

Taking on the role of an escort requires you to develop strong social skills and know how to read clients. Listen to his voice, or read between the lines, and find a way to give a negative response if necessary. It’s always a good enough reason not to say no, but there are many ways to do so. 

You can always use a little white lie to calm the client down if he starts asking for more explanations or begging you to meet him.

Do you think ghosting is rude or not?

The act of ghosting is rarely a solution to any problem. However, there are times when ghosting can be your only option to escape an unpleasant conversation. Let us say you have a client or a request you cannot or do not want to meet. Leaving a question, message or request unanswered hurts your business and can lead to a positive response. Clients have the same community and stay in touch to protect each other as escorts.

If you ghost a client, you may damage your reputation and turn off future clients. Responding politely to a client’s question or request is a better option. If you do this, a client won’t be mad and can only say that you politely declined to do the work, even if he writes an honest review.

Clients should be ghosted if they are dangerous, stalking you, or ignoring your polite rejection. Staying away from them is a good idea.

Communicate through the same channel.

Whenever a client wants to book you, they must reach you first. If you want to turn down a client but need clarification about whether to make a call, send an email, send an SMS, or send a voice message, it’s best to respond the same way the client did. You can reply to an SMS if he sent it to you, but you should call him back respectfully and professionally if he calls you. An SMS response to a call seems rude and unprofessional.

Is this a permanent turndown, or is it a temporary one?

You will inevitably meet different clients as an escort, and you will find yourself in different situations. Sometimes, you will have to turn down a client and decline your services permanently, and at other times, you will do this because of a tight schedule.

The important thing is to be clear with your client and to make sure he understands your decision.

The most common reasons for turning down a client for good are a terrible temper, inappropriate or aggressive behaviour, not following the rules and agreement, and disrespecting an escort’s boundaries.

There are times, however, when even the best and most desirable clients get turned down because you’re too busy. It is part of the nature of business, and it happens. Clients must accept that you are available and can only sometimes accommodate them. If you can’t meet him on the date, he chooses, apologizes for the inconvenience and briefly explains why you can’t meet him (don’t over-explain). You can also state later that you will be available for bookings.

The choice is yours. If it’s a personal matter, don’t go into detail. If it’s a business matter, don’t go into details. It is better to concoct some other reasonable excuse. 

In this situation, it is better to come up with a white lie and postpone a dinner date than tell the truth if your dinner date booking overlaps with another client who requested your companionship for a trip. It is best to avoid overlapping bookings, even by mistake, because this will offend him (and likely cost you a client), and you will get a negative review.

Here are some tips from other escort services.

Keeping in touch with the escort community is always a good idea. Asking other escorts for advice is not a problem. However, you can also take advice from clients.

Knowing how clients think to act and respond appropriately to a situation is essential. 

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