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You are managing menstruation and sex on your period.

An escort can’t close their business for one week a month to deal with their menstruation as an escort. We should also be out of business two weeks every month due to mood swings, emotional distress, cramps, bleeding, etc. if we consider PMS, which also occurs one week before our periods.

Since you cannot do this and “the show must go on” regardless, most escorts continue to book dates when they are on their periods. This is not a bad thing at all, especially when you know how beneficial sex during your period is. It lowers menstrual flow, reduces cramps caused by orgasms, which arouse the uterine muscle and help it shed the lining, boosts our moods, and doesn’t even get me started on the lubrication. Because of the endometrium’s natural lubrication, we have extra lubrication during menstruation.

Menstrual irregularity or shorter cycles can still result in pregnancy during your period of sex. Play it safe and have fun!

Menstruation shouldn’t be messy. Here’s how!

In addition to having a day or two of turning off your phone, getting in bed, eating ice cream, and watching a TV show during your wild cramps, it is perfectly normal. Be sure that the day of the month when you feel awful is free of dates if you know you suffer from painful menstrual cycles!

You are welcome to have period sex. However, you should schedule your dates on the lighter days of your menstrual cycle.

A sponge used for contraception

Your upper vagina should be trapped with a contraceptive sponge. Although the sponge doesn’t work like a menstrual cup, it feels super comfortable inside your body, and no one will notice you wear it, allowing you to continue your dates as usual. If you have a reproductive tract infection, do not use the sponge. Please do not keep it inside for longer than necessary. Please take a quick shower after you use it and dispose of it right after.

A contraceptive sponge should only be used in cases of emergency, not during periods of menstruation, because it can cause toxic shock syndrome if kept inside the body for an extended period while bleeding.

Menstrual cups are disposable.

Using disposable menstrual cups prevents blood from passing through the cervix during the actual date. Menstrual cups are small and flexible, so they don’t interfere with sex and should not interfere. As an emergency solution, this is only used during the actual date, then removed and cleaned. It is less comfortable than the contraceptive sponge but collects blood more effectively.

Oral play is possible with the dental dam.

Using this small, square, latex gizmo, your partner cannot touch your private parts directly when his mouth comes in contact with them. Dental dams can also be used for anal play and are great for preventing sexually transmitted diseases as well. Consequently, if you have a date which is into going down on you, but you are experiencing a slow menstrual flow day, use a dental dam to cover your vagina so that he won’t get in contact with any leakage.

How to have sex in the shower

You can use shower sex as an excuse to spice things up and give your date new thrills at this time of the month. It will provide your date with a hot and wet erotic adventure, while you can rest assured that everything will be spotless.

I can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks on sex during menstruation when you’re on your period but have dates to attend.