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Ashley Madison vs. Cachet Ladies

Websites like Ashley Madison, provide you with direct and almost certain macabre based on its overall presentation.

For instance, if a website is telling you that there is a network of unfaithful individuals, this is a red flag, meaning specifically a clear indication that something is not correct, something is not right; because there should not be an extensive network of individuals who are unfaithful to their spouse, at least not publicly.

Any group organizing themselves to create this medium paints a grim picture of our current society. A dishonest, disloyal, negative medium that in the end, can be the cause of detrimental collateral damage.

Many websites have portrayed themselves as your perfect solution to any situation that you may be having, and this inevitably has been the source of phishing attempts, hacker attacks and other people who are stealing, using copying and selling your data.

For instance, someone who is continually searching for images of gardening and or flower growing tips may start receiving ads and or pop-ups based on other application programs, that are related to something similar.

This type of creepiness can even extend to games that are based on gardening, seed production, seed sales, garden management in a small large or social scale. Advertisers and phishers use your data to attempt to appeal to you. They generate content based instances on aspects associated with your age, personality and other demographics, precisely your relationship status.

If your relationship status is single, you may be enticed to join networks featuring members of the community who you are most likely to be attracted. Your computers or smart devices cannot possibly understand, or be able to formulate this information without digging into your background.

There is no other possible way to obtain these facts and then regurgitate them in a fashion that is appealing to you, without asking you directly. Take a look at some of the ads you are witnessing around you as you browse. Right now, how have these affected your life? Ashley Madison and websites of this nature are extremely dangerous, understand that you’re amalgamated shared information is being used against you for profit.

Some of the keywords and behavior a computer will demonstrate:

  • Not responding to specific questions.
  • I am not asking you standard questions.
  • Seems repetitive.
  • Disappears are a short conversation.
  • Ask you for personal data.
  • Seems too good to be true or out of the ordinary.

Ashley Madison

My initial thoughts on this website were based on its corporate model, but I decided to take a look at myself and dig into some more information. How else could I do this other than by creating a profile and going in myself? The first thing I noticed was that the site did have some elements of legitimacy.

Based on the type of people who would be using the service, I was not surprised with who was available. The internet loves to add bright colors, lights, and attractive photographs, but the truth is that the majority of the patrons who are on this platform are women who are over the age of 45 and had plenty of children.

Based on their physical appearance, they have used drugs, alcohol, and smoked for the majority of their lives. Some profiles are featuring attractive young women; these also look like could be an escort profile or fake accounts. The rest are aging individuals whose party years have taken their toll on them.

Ashley Madison

(The photo with the green checkmark is the only photo that didn’t come back as being from another website.)

Ashley Madison 2

If you’re looking for lusty fun with a young woman, you might need to keep looking.

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