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Escort Companions, Your Privacy and How to Protect Yourself

July 18th, 2019

Our available technology allows us many options when considering personal privacy. We can now create unlimited personas, profiles, emails and even contact phone numbers. The abilities of our communication networks grow on a daily basis more information that is fed into the internet and the corresponding subsystems the more possibilities there are. Our abilities to protect ourselves also run adjacent with others who have negative intentions, the more we can lay ourselves through system subsystems hidden account VPNs the more others can do exactly that surround themselves and use the technology available to get into your information and make your life that much more trying. Technological infiltrative One would be to create alternate email addresses with passwords that are special to you and only you. an email is only one form of communication today and available for free there are multiple programs that you can use with your computer iOS or Android device to custom make a phone number from any country or province. In the past there were many programs that allow you to also alter your current phone number making you appear as you are someone else you are allowed to provide any name that you wanted and this was a way of communicating anonymously has security measures tighten and the world becomes more restrictive these programs became fewer and far between but nevertheless there are always still options for you to disguise your identity and maintain a level of discrepancy when managing your escort in moulage. In many cases you can call receive calls and text messages using LTE or 4G data for free yes that’s right completely for free and this allows you to develop networks that are only known to you and you only by using these private personal programs you can not only save on your cellular bill but create multiple personas for your business and personal life some who have unlimited Phone features and Wi-Fi privileges can use these programs for text messaging to save on their monthly invoice other people can generate separate entire entities to run their small business or businesses you can also use these devices to manage contacts and keep in contact with those we would like to remain in an anonymous standing with understanding how to control and use these programs while being able to attach the required information while remembering how to access it is important. let’s take a look at some of these programs. If you aren’t using an Android device the majority of these new Innovative options will not cost you anything they are offered for free but you will have the option to purchase credits and boost your service if that is what is required but we are also looking at a very small monetary sacrifices in many cases only a few dollars will last a year this is not something that cannot be afforded by anyone if you use iOS or apple you will most likely have to pay to use this service but it will be ongoing. The more we progress as a society the more options people who have ill intentions have to access weak spots that may affect your livelihood as technology grows so do our protection measures from hackers Spybot and any other infiltrative system the internet and its subsidiaries subsystems are home to all forms of free knowledge all of our latent and underlying truths caddy display an act it out in an anonymous Mainstay LED this is the internet understanding what it means for protection also means understanding what it means to see instances that will cause detriment to remember your first email account and how long it took for you to receive your notification alert of your prints status in an African or European nation that you of course had zero prior awareness of now that you are royalty you are also of course required to receive all of the benefits of being in this political position of majesty we understand that these are not true but some do not take this into account but understanding where this comes from how it works and why will help you make decisions to protect yourself your loved ones and your finances.


Fishing is a common technique where users will dig for information from an anonymous standpoint. Phishers prey on susceptible individuals. Not all of us are versed in what it means to protect ourselves online. The “phishing” trade is still prevalent and has been since the communication was created. It was first been used on a global scale when the internet was available to the public. Its prevalence is not going away, or not slowing in fact it is speeding up. This is all so regardless of how much information on these subjects is shared. This is simply because there are always new people, new programs and new ideas, and once those have become open or readily available, is when they can lead to unwanted activity. Phishing is in many forms, from online dating sites to selling items online, noticing specific speech patterns and listening to keywords used will train your mind to see through imminent threats and ascertain all forms of deception. This is not isolated to online phishing scams. Once you become accustomed to the human condition, you will start seeing trends. Like going out to dinner, or purchasing things that are shipped through the mail. One example of this would be websites like Amazon that sell one product for one price, but then sell the same product for a much higher, or much lower, or even nonsensical price these are of course done by different companies, but in order to sell using these systems, you only have to make up a company, any company. In many instances, these are all the same companies using a complicated form of fishing. If you can sell one product for one price and the same product for another price, why not sell both products? This going to hold to be demonstrated when you’re visiting a local convenience store. A bottle of water might cost us two or three dollars at a local convenience store, this same one-liter bottle of water is 50 cents if you walk over to your local grocery store. It is even cheaper if you were walking into a local dollar store. These locations can all be located are all in the same plaza. Is this is an issue of poor business practices, or is it simply a human idea playing into effect?

Text Plus

Text Plus is a free text messaging program that can be installed on IOS and Android for free. This program allows you to also receive phone calls, and for 99 cents you can purchase a hundred credits to make outgoing calls. But text messages to and from this program are all 100% free. Any changes that may be laid are only based on your credit purchasing or LTE data usage. Text Plus is a secure system that will not display your IP address.


How do you detect a scam? The unfortunate truth is that dishonesty does not necessarily happen intentionally. Sometimes it can just be a matter of timing. Set aside from regular or standard scams or scam ola, ones that are not scams intentionally, are the most dangerous and ones you need to look out for. Hiring or purchasing items from individuals who you cannot meet in person may require you to use systems like PayPal, online transfers, or other forms of wiring funds. If and when you choose to send over the finances, your second party member now has a responsibility assigned to them, that they may not cognitively be a capability of handling. You are not in a position to judge others without meeting them personally, and you are also not using a system that offers you any protection. All of these combined factors can form into a maelstrom of unproductive behavior.

There are two types of scams:

The first types are deliberate. A deliberate scam is much easier to detect. Heres what to look for in a deliberate scam.

Language Skills

The majority of those who are trying to scam you are people who live in impoverished countries, who do not speak English or are you using it as a second language. Looking for poor speech patterns, nonsensical grammatical, errors and childlike mistakes that even your five-year-old would be able to detect, are key indications that you are not dealing with somebody who either speaks your language or is financially capable of following through with any of the claims they are staking.


If you are selling an item online, and moments after you posted your advertisement you are already having an eager buyer who also does not live in the country, this is another clear indication someone is trying to take advantage of you.


Please do not ship anything to any African nation without receiving the initial deposit in cash.

Out of the Ordinary

Is something too good to be true, our there are things about this transaction that are very different than others you have been through in the past. What can you notice has changed? Is there anything out of the ordinary? It suggests that there are other factors that may contribute to your transaction not going in your favor, or at all. Look out for signs such as strange behavior, lack of specific, questions phone numbers that don’t make any sense, or from other countries. Those who will not speak to you over the phone, people who were asking nonsensical questions, people are asking too many questions, and of course the rarest ones those who simply decide to start threatening you. If anyone displays any of these warning signs, block communication.

The second type of scam is an indelible scam. This accidental or misplaced information is simply something that comes to mind when one is going through a transaction that has multiple vulnerable components. The simplest way to avoid indeliberate scams is to not place yourself in any situation that allows you to be taken advantage, of let’s look for in deliberate scam indicators.


Mailing anything, or expecting to receive an item mailed to you, that you have paid for from anyone that is not a large reputable company, is placing you in a position to be taken advantage of.


If an item is too cheap, there may be something wrong with it that the person is trying to hide, or perhaps they simply do not want to spend the money to fix it themselves.


Fongo is a calling application program. This is for making phone calls and receiving phone calls, but is closer to the opposite of text plus, as in you can make phone calls and receive them for free, but making outgoing text messages will require a small monetary requirement. Whether it be $1 to $10, this is not a high amount and will secure your second phone line for up to a year. Fongo is also known for communicating with 911 organizations to secure your safety, as it is not a phone line that is on a standard network. They still provide and secure your location if you need 911 assistance, which is a quality incentive for using this program as a real phone. Fongo can also be connected using your email address, this means that you do not need to use any of your real information in a basic VPN or virtual private network system, can quell any intruders from receiving this privileged information. Using a secret email, or one only known to yourself and signing up for the program will ensure your privacy, and keep your personal phone number. Use this for online transactions with strangers when required.


Talkatone is an all-around, calling, text message, 100% free application. The only trick to this program is that the application is free for you to use, and you only. If you are text messaging anyone else, or making calls, because this is an American-based system, your contacts will be charged $1.15 per text message. This will be based on their service provider, but keep this in mind when you are messaging anyone, including your dates. You do not want to run up their phone bill, and if you do, please be prepared to compensate anyone you’re communicating with.

App Locks

There are many different types of application locks. Some of them are built into your device, some of them can be attached to your gallery or video files. There are also file folder locks that hide and distort the algorithms associated with your personal information that you want to keep secret. Application locks are usually free, but iOS systems will require a small monetary deposit usually only of a few dollars. Application locks have been known to hide programs that you have on your device such as hidden calling programs. If you would like to keep your secret second phone line private, using these systems are in your best interest.

Hiding Apps / Disguising Programs

Some programs can disguise your applications. Changing icons into something else, one less assuming, and unnoticeable. The only downside to using this is if you filter through your apps list, (which shows your apps and list of downloaded programs) it will still be visible. But those who are looking for your phone screen will not see the program.


The time you spend interacting with your phone or mobile device can also work against you. This is caused by the detrimental outlook others view of yourself when surrounding your entirety with this system. When you divulge into using other forms of communication. If you are sharing the same space with someone who demands your attention, like your wife or significant other, spending too much time on your phone is socially unacceptable and if you are spending even more time on your phone during specific times and hours, then this will become noticeable and uncertainties in your integrity will start to form. To keep yourself from running into these situations, maintain a timeframe for checking your messages and maintaining your secret accounts and other forms of applications. Understanding the extra effort that goes into this, placing more towards those you might be neglecting can also play a large part in maintenance procedures.


The things to remember when executing a secondary persona and managing your resources. The list can be considered common sense, but there are some things you might not have thought of initially. What would be your overall demeanor, and how you are assessing each situation?

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