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Do escorts work during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Do escorts work during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

What the world of working as an escort looks like after COVID-19. Does COVID-19 change the way escorts plan in Toronto? Do escort workers in Toronto know how to face the challenges that come with being an escort in a world where a virus has ripped through almost every single city on the planet? Do clients engage with escorts in Toronto during the Coronavirus outbreak, or are they taking a break? Are our escorts classified as an essential service in Toronto?

Why shouldn’t it be classified as an essential service? In our previous blog post, which can be found here, we discussed how the stigma of being an escort can be an issue. We also talked about the differences between dating online and being an escort and how at the end of the day, there is zero difference. Read that article here.
What about the mental health toll this COVID-19 coronavirus crisis will take on single people? The mental health toll of being alone for weeks on end will be a crisis all on its own.

I mean, even married couples or partners who are now stuck with the same co-habitants for weeks or months on end have nowhere to turn and nowhere to run, pardon my bluntness. So during a crisis, wouldn’t it be appropriate to be able to rely on the help of escort services so that people wouldn’t feel so lonely all of the time? Shouldn’t there be an essential service that allows men, women, and couples to release a little tension during these solemn and tense times? We sure think so, but that isn’t as uncomplicated as we just made it sound. There are huge risks involved when taking appointments during the COVID-19 crisis, and because of that, we have not been taking on any new clients since the start of the crisis.

This entire pandemic, that has gone from Wuhan to Toronto has impacted so many lives, killed tens of thousands of people and made scores more so sick they thought they were going to die. It’s a modern crisis that requires a modern solution and one that we think needs to be hastened up as soon as possible.

In modern times, it’s always been the role of a Toronto Escort to meet up with clients who were either feeling lonely, tired of dating and chasing and those who wanted the opportunity to date above their pay grade.

Loneliness affects tens of thousands of people in Toronto on a normal year, imagine what it’s doing now. Here is an article that was written in January about loneliness and how it affects your health, and this was before the pandemic.

Escorts in Toronto used to take some of that loneliness away, they used to meet up with men who are either too busy to date, couldn’t be bothered with the endless texting that the online world requires and who just want to talk with a gorgeous model who also happens to be an escort.

The men who used to call because they were tired of Online Dating called because they were literally sick and tired of paying for online dating only to be disappointed again and again.

And the most obvious reason why certain clients call escorts in Toronto is that there are a lot of beautiful women in Toronto, and those women can be mean, aggressive and not worth the trouble to court. So some men want access to a pool of gorgeous women where they can just be themselves, meeting up with an escort in Toronto was one way of leveling the playing field, and who knows as we have previously mentioned many relationships have even started that way.

In the end, the crisis will pass, life will go back to normal and safety will always be part and part of Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies daily routine.

Stay Safe out there.

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