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What it’s like being an escorts and working in Toronto.

A must-read for Toronto Escort sex workers. What’s it like being an escort working in Toronto. What are the stigmas surrounding it compared to say just dating on Tinder or Bumble. Being part of a top tier escort agency is highly competitive, standing out is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more agencies that focus on high volume low-quality service litter the search engine results page especially for the most popular keyword Toronto Escorts. This all makes it all slightly harder to be an escort worker in Toronto. Clients need to be made more aware of the differences between each agency.

What most great clients understand and generally people is that being an Escort is a business, and escorts (the majority of professional ones) have to pay income and business tax like anyone else running a legitimate business in Canada. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the business side of being an escort, and the fact is so many people in the public discriminated against the escort worker in general.
Here’s the thing about that discrimination though, in reality when women date men say on Tinder, or Bumble doesn’t the man meet usually meet up at a bar or restaurant or coffee shop and then proceed to treat the woman to either a drink, a meal or even more? If the relationship progresses just as it does for the escort client relationship, more dates are planned and more money is spent. So what’s the difference?

The reality is unless all women suddenly decide that being treated on a date is unacceptable there is no difference in the act of dating or meeting with a client as an escort. Once the meeting is arranged two consenting adults after the appointment is over can proceed in whatever behavior they choose. So long as the act doesn’t explicitly imply sexual intercourse for payment. Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies specializes in introducing high net worth clients with gorgeous female escorts.

After the introduction, the dates are always between two consenting adults. The escorts can decline an offer of a second meetup. In reality, an escort like dating may see multiple clients a week. Again we ask what is the difference?

With the advent of dating apps, the line of difference between the two is completely indistinguishable.

This brings up the stigma, or as some of the girls at the office like to call it, the stigmata. Being an escort in Toronto is generally pretty safe, we have regular clients who the escorts feel very comfortable with. Many women have even gone on to date their clients and had very long healthy relationships with the same clients they have met through our agency.

We at Toronto Escorts encourage this of course, after all, if having fun isn’t part of the journey what’s the point? Yet again the stigma is still very real. It’s a fact that you can have one group of women on an app meet up with unlimited men, be wined and dined and she is simply dating. A simple google search will reveal that there are tons of articles that fill the internet with stories and studies which suggest that using dating apps can lead to increased promiscuity, increased sexual partners and an increase in STDs.

Take this article by VanityFair for example, where they call it the Dawn of the Apocolypse, once could almost read this article first and re-read the vanity fair article with an entirely fresh perspective on the matter.

To the matter of the STD’s let’s talk about that. What more dangerous? A Rendevous with a professional escort who takes safety to the highest level, or a random woman who meets six different men a week and is probably dropping her caution based on the male’s appearance or his suitability.

The reality is that in today’s day in age, the stigma associated with being an escort in Toronto is woefully unfair. If I ran the headlines I would change the story to include the women who ignore safety and societal norms and risk it all just to meet the right guy.

At least the escort is earning a decent living, paying taxes and earning self-respect along the way. The reality is the opposite of what you think is real is the actual reality.

In the end, we do not argue with the regular dating scene. We just think it’s interesting to point out that some people have their already preconditioned, perceived mindset, and can’t see on the other side of the grass.

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