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Changing Landscapes | Why The Escort Industry is Forever Changed

When is public safety akin to public censorship? That’s what politicians, lawmakers and sex industry workers are grappling with in the current legal landscape in the United States. In Canada, the issues are similar since whatever happens south of the border tends to affect the industry north of the border as well. For example, when the FBI shut’s down a website that helps industry workers retain clients, users in Canada are also affected. We aren’t against any of the changes, Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies was pleased when Backpages was taken down, a disgusting unethical and dangerous place that put so many lives in danger. A welcome relief for the agencies across North America who are trying to take a reputable social dating introduction website a safe place to meet.

Customers who contact Cachet are higher end gentlemen and couples who are seeking adventures companionship versus the $10 dirty Sanchez. With Craigslist shutting down its personals section, and with Backpages now gone we see an influx in directories that aren’t always on the up and up. These places are no different than the website that was taken down, and because of that they are still cesspools of danger and elicit reputation.

Craiglist shuts down personal ads

It’s gotten so bad that even those who are considered Porn Performs are complaining that Google Drive is no longer allowing them to share erotic videos with private clients. Even Microsoft has banned offensive language from Skype and Xbox. Reddit has banned sex industry discussion groups like Escorts and Hookers.

What does this all mean? What we are coming to learn is that all of these actions by authorities south of the border are all as a result of a new sex trafficking act called “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (Fosta).

The law puts new limits on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has broadly protected internet providers from being held liable for content posted by their users

Even in Canada with our new laws which were passed a few years ago, we saw an increase in danger to the independent escorts who may not understand how the new laws work, and how it puts them in danger. Not just in terms of health and safety but in legal danger as well.

At Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies we felt the best way to avoid all of the trouble was to not engage in any form of behavior which would be deemed contrary to public interests or law.

We work very hard as a team that enjoys what we do, and work only with clients who are seeking seduction, enhanced personal relationships that fill a temporary void in a very relaxing atmosphere.

We don’t provide sex services period, we are only here to introduce a man and a woman so that the client, usually the man gets the social companionship of a gorgeous and attractive female.

Let us know what you think of the changing landscape by writing to us.

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