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Why Dating on Tinder Feels More Like Being a Cop

Why Dating on Tinder Feels More Like Being a Cop

Tinder or Cachet Ladies Escorts?

We were doing some research about Tinder and came across a recent article in the Toronto Sun by Simone Paget. In it, she talks about why the dating scene in Toronto feels a lot like being a detective.

What a wonderful article it was, ripe with interesting dating stories from deep-linking (LOL) to full-blown online stalking. As we read through the article we realized that it was really more about what’s happened to dating in the last few years. With such easy access to digital stalking tools as well as easy access to an endless supply of potential dates, things have changed drastically. But the article wasn’t so simple, it also touched on why people feel the need to cyberstalk, why you shouldn’t and why it’s healthier to just have fun.

Online dating tinder vs. escorts

Since I work for one of the largest escort agencies in Canada, Cachet Ladies has taught me a thing or two about the difference between online dating (tinder, bumble or bumbees as it’s generally referred too) and escort agencies. And to be honest I can’t really see a difference. One is like a back-end mutual fund. You pay fee’s but they’re not up front. You can browse your potential dates for free on online apps, just like an escort agency. You can contact your potential date for free on any of the many available dating apps, just like an escort agency. The only real difference is that with the online dating app you pay at the end, like a back-end mutual fund. With an escort agency you pay up front and let’s be honest no matter what you do, you always pay. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, a couple of dinners maybe some drinks or nightly entertainment. Neither are free, you just need to decide which one is easier and creates better value. The escort agency has a set fee, a rate which is paid upfront and once the date is over, it’s over!! The dating scene is so plastic, with the ability to swipe left or right without a hint of remorse. It’s apathetic and relentless reminder that everyone is replaceable EVEN YOU!!

In her article, Simone talks about the real issue with dating. It’s scary…

She writes: “At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that dating is scary. Putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is scary.”

We couldn’t agree with her more, what an amazing piece was written in a clever tone a real must read if you’ve ever felt wondering if your next date knows a little too much about you beforehand.

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