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Escort Travel Toronto to Miami, A Tale of Adventure

Escort Travel Toronto to Miami, A Tale of Adventure

An escort’s dream is Escort Travel, When the office called Jacquline and told her one of her favourite clients was interested in taking her to Miami and staying at the 1 hotel she was, to say the least extremely excited. Cachet Ladies Escorts do get quite a few requests for travel appointments, however, it seems that more often than not it’s not for anything that exciting. A trip to Las Vegas for two days and three nights, a Niagara Falls one-night getaway, and every once in a while a one-week getaway to destinations like Cabo San Lucas or Jamaica.  This particular client of mine who we will call Joe for anonymity’s sake is a really sweet guy. He’s successful, good-looking and very generous. This story is 100% true and accurate, I am not embellishing any of it for any purpose other than to share my experience and give other good Cachet Ladies Escort clients an insight into what truly makes a mindblowing getaway experience.

For starters, I was picked up by a gorgeous Cachet Ladies executive limousine which Cachet Ladies uses for the exclusive use of its clients. We were driven to the Airport where we went to the private flight terminal at Pearson if you aren’t aware of what that looks like or how it works, this Toronto Life article describes the experience pretty well.

When you arrive at the terminal, you are immediately reminded of just how different the experience is.

I would love to share photos of me and Joe togther but obviously, I just can’t do that.

But this is me:

Jacquline of Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts

We board this private charter flight, which let me tell you once you try it’s really difficult to go back to regular service. You are taken by limo to the private terminal than once you enter you are greeted by staff who take your luggage, offer you a drink ( yes even at 6:30 am ) and then escort you to your waiting flight.

view of the interior of private jet

When you get to Miami it’s the reverse you have a gorgeous (rented) Lamborghini waiting for you at the airport and your luggage is sent ahead of you.

View of Lamborghini parked at Miami Airport

At first glance, the hotel’s accommodations weren’t too shabby either. What a spectacular washroom.

We dined at some of the finest restaurants, and we had just the greatest time.

If I get more than 10 comments on Instagram or this Blog I will post some serious photos of the bedroom.

If you are serious about having an amazing week, or even weekend in Miami call and ask to see me, I will show you the most amazing Toronto to Miami experience you’ve ever had.

Scouts Honor.


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