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Airbnb Vs Hotel, whats better for your rendezvous?

Airbnb Vs Hotel

So it comes down to a decision, what do you pick? Airbnb Vs Hotel is quite the dilemma and we are here to help you decide with ease. We always get asked, which venue is better for throwing a party with you, some close friends and a few wonderful ladies hopefully from Cachet Ladies Escorts.

Airbnb is a great way to gather a home base if you’re traveling and just looking for a swanky place to stay in downtown Toronto. But honestly, it’s not the best use if you are planning on hosting a crazy party with you and your ten best friends. At least, not anymore it isn’t. Airbnb just implemented a new feature that reduces the desire to throw an Airbnb party. That alone should worry you some.

Not only can neighbors of your Airbnb host bring your party to a staggering halt, but it’s also already possible for anyone to report concerns about safety and mess anytime. Essentially Airbnb now offers an “Animal House” button that lets people report loud partying. Who needs that kinda headache these days especially when you and the guys are just trying to throw down with some escorts and enjoy a little social female companionship!

You don’t want to overdo it, in the end throwing down in a hotel room carries its risks too. Albeit mostly to your credit card.

The Toronto Four Seasons Hotel

Here are Cachet Ladies Escorts top 10 tips for making your hotel room party a success!

  1. Ensure you pick a hotel that is classy enough where the staff is more concerned with customer service than with their own comfort level. A good example of such a place is The Ritz or The Four Seasons.
  2. Ensure that you tip the concierge and do let him know that you are planning a small soiree in your suite. The concierge is your best friend he can make or break your night and make no mistake if it gets completely out of hand they the only one who can save your evening.
  3. Ensure that you stock enough water/ice in your room so you don’t have to keep opening the door to refill.
  4. The same goes for food, don’t order pizza to your room unless you use their room service it’s just not a classy move.
  5. Keep the guest list light, if you are using Cachet Ladies escort services and you have three ladies joining you then no more than 3 guys should attend. If you keep it down to 2 even better.
  6. If you do have 5 or more guys remember the rule of thumb of 1:1 or 2:1 woman to men ratio, this is a golden rule that should never be tampered with.
  7. If you are drinking ensure that you don’t mix beer with alcohol as this will only prompt one of your bathrooms to be used as medical office.
  8. Ensure that any of your guests register with the concierge in advance so that when they arrive there is no surprise or phoning upstairs, especially if the guy arriving is showing your escorts up to your room.
  9. Ensure that you have plenty of cash on hand, this will ensure that you keep the escorts interested and active the entire evening.
  10. Always play it safe, don’t be too loud and never ever play loud obnoxious music, it’s not classy and doesn’t make your party any better.

Well there you have it, Airbnb is the definitely the lesser option for an escort fueled party. We say always leave it to a professional hotel chain, it’s just what gentlemen do.

Toronto Airbnb Parties

And if the list above didn’t convince you, here are ten reasons why you should never use Airbnb as your next party location.

  1. It’s just not cool to use a hosts house to invite uninvited guests who aren’t authorized to stay in the Airbnb.
  2. Why risk getting flagged and then never being able to use the Airbnb service in the future.
  3. The karma of ruining someones personal property versus accidentally breaking hotel property than paying for the damages is quite disproportionate.
  4. Hotels have room service, Airbnb’s do not
  5. Hotels have concierge desks that can help you be discreet about your evening, Airbnb has nosey neighbors who will report everything they see.
  6. Airbnb mostly has limited parking per booking, whereas a hotel can provide ample parking.
  7. Airbnb’s are mostly in condominiums in downtown Toronto, and they usually have security staff who will call police rather quickly
  8. Sometimes the Airbnb host lives in the same building as the short term rental and this means they can ruin your night rather quickly
  9. Hotel staff is used to cleaning up all sorts of messes, whereas with an Airbnb you must clean up yourself or risk letting your host know what you were up to and again, risk being banned by the service.
  10. It’s just a totally shitty thing to do so don’t!

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