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Here are some tips for having a gentlemanly one-night stand

Despite the absurdity of discussing one-night stands as gentlemanly pursuits, one-night stands are often spontaneous, not well prepared, and rarely followed up on.

Rather than taking offence to these chance encounters, you should read up on how to handle them – and prepare yourself for even the most fleeting of flings.

What is the location of this facility?

Putting it away as soon as you finish using your phone would be best. The right swipe on Tinder will not get you away with one-night stands if you are a sophisticated and charming gent. Photographs filtered through filters and one-liners copied and pasted from the internet are the furthest thing from seduction.

A James Bond story.

Choose high-risk locations instead, such as weddings, holiday parties, and birthdays. Take advantage of the opportunity to crash functions and make a splash. In one-night flings, one-off events are much better than bars and clubs since the atmosphere feels like a ticking clock – so you can make use of the situation’s urgency.

A group of girls

Choosing the women you approach is as important as choosing the location. If you only know a man for an evening, you are much less likely to go home with him, so look for confident and extroverted girls.

There is no better choice than someone dancing madly on the ground or putting in a lot of effort to look nice. Check the room for women as well. Rather than focusing on the hottest girls, try focusing on their slightly less attractive friends – those often overlooked in the attention stakes.

Taking a proactive approach

The key to success here is confidence. There’s no time for hanging around when you want to go from introductions to bed in a few hours. Consider buying her a drink, conversing, and taking risks instead. Being flirty is OK, as long as you don’t cross the line into creepy.

Take this opportunity to clarify your dating goals. It would be best if you weren’t too explicit but subtly hint that you aren’t seeking a long-term relationship. In case you don’t see eye-to-eye with her, she has a chance to back out.

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If conversations are drying up – or even worse, veering into the friend zone – get out as soon as possible. Evaluate your performance based on her body language. Observe her open arms, her body oriented towards you, and her eyes and face engaged and perceptive.

It’s best to back out as soon as possible if her body language is closed in, her phone is in hand, and she is peering over your shoulder to see if someone else is in the room. You have only a few minutes left.

Taking the first step

The next step is to break the barrier of touch. Getting dancing will solve this problem for you, or you can do it with a casual arm touch. Lean in gradually and stealthily but steadily.

Once you’ve kissed them, please don’t return to her house immediately. Consider going to a quieter bar instead or grabbing a bite to eat to pass the time between the original meeting place and the bedroom.

Getting the job done

Instead of going back to yours, go back to hers. You can leave in the morning much easier if she feels more comfortable.

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