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How Should you Protect Yourself

Your personal security can be looked at by thinking about what possible factors make you vulnerable. The vulnerability can be caused by others around you, uncontrollable events, or simply by being unprepared. Ignorance is one of the main causes for injury to one’s person, or loss and of abilities. Removing this element comes from the teachings of others, and personal experience.


Protecting yourself and your property can start with the knowledge of what makes them vulnerable, to begin with.

Consider possible threats
Place yourself in the shoes of potential thieves and attackers.

Physical Defense

Our country has strict laws on personal defense tools. Weapons like pepper spray and tasers are banned. In fact, essentially any item used to physically assault or subdue anyone, is considered using a weapon. This leaves you unable to defend yourself from those who are deciding not to follow the law.

What methods can you use to defend yourself from others legally?

Self-defense laws in Canada are unclear and create a sort of gray area. This offers some confusing details. The point remains in all of the arguments, that one is allowed to use reasonable force to remove a burglar from one’s home. If one is in danger, and the burglar gets injured or knocked unconscious, then the homeowner is in his right to protect himself. But if the burglar is fleeing and you attacked and injure them, then you might have a problem.

“This area is less grey than others. The rule of reasonable force still applies, but most judges will give you the benefit of the doubt,” Cohen says. “… You can use any force you deem necessary to remove the burglar from the house and eliminate the threat to yourself.” (Andrew Pinsent, CBC News, May 12, 2012)

Financial Protection

Protecting yourself financially can be done by learning how others steal and use your information. Many of these methods can actually be done very simply. Most financial crimes are based on the victims not knowing the risks. Keeping your details under control, such as your bank and credit cards, by clearing data and cache items from applications and computer programs will add a layer of protection.

Identify Protection

Similar to protecting your finances, protecting your identity is just as important. Your photos, emails and phone numbers can be used against you, or to benefit someone else. Keep your information private, do not send your name or address to anyone online who you do not know.


When you can remain anonymous, it will stop others from being able to pinpoint key details that they can use to benefit them.


Today’s society has a frank separation from standard law and the digital world. Knowing that there is no protection in this setting, you can take those matters in your own hands by protection yourself.

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