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Skirts vs. Booty Shorts: The Ultimate Battle Volume 1

August, 12th, 2019

Gentleman, we all knew it would come down to this. Skirts, vs. Booty Shorts, the Ultimate battle! This following 3 part series will take a look at the good, the bad and the sexy aspects attached to both of the most popular garment choices for the sexy lady.

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Women enjoy being women Why not!? They have tons of fun using their feminine attributes to drive others around them wild. Girls who understand their bodies have the confidence to highlight their best, “attributes”, and have fun doing it! What makes the sexiest pair of booty shorts, versus what the most popular skirt and dress styles, and what makes them special. “In short,” we are putting the two clothing staples against each other for one final showdown. Which one will win, and rain as the most sought after outfit of choice?

Lets Begin

Booty Shorts

Tight in some places, lose in the right ones, or tight in all places, completely loose in all places. The variations are countless, and somehow, this wonderful fashion trend makes almost any rear end look phenomenal.

From frayed ends to tight all the way through, or both. This classic sexy style can be purchased or can be made at home by using an old pair of jeans, or longer shorts. These are considered to be a sexy, edgy style.

These can come in many colors and shapes. Latex is a soft shiny material that resembles leather but is easier to wash and care for. Latex shorts can bend to any shape and size, perfect for this garment style.

Cheeky booty shorts are exactly that, cheeky. They show more skin from behind then the standard and can be made of any material.

High Waisted
These are placed higher on the waist area, allowing the wearer to get lift and exposure all at once! This style stems from classical apparel that is reborn every few generations like bell bottoms.

Low Cut
These offer sexy appeal at both ends of the spectrum. They are great for a hot summer’s day, or a balmy night out.

Similar to low cut booty shorts, but with a focus on exposing the top area, as opposed to the bottom. This variation is a sexy, and edgy fashion trend highlights sexy dimples and an appropriate gap area.

These can be spandex or lycra but are usually worn during physical activities. This style is designed for mobility and comfort.

Comfort Level
Booty shorts offer limited comfort. Based on the shape and material, athletic shorts are more comfortable but have a more limited range in terms of where they can be worn. Denim is more versatile but is close to sensitive skin areas, that will rub against the material.

Generally, short are less expensive than skirts and dresses, as they are considered casual wear. Of course, there are high end or brand names that are going to cost more than generic styles.

Booty shorts are fun, sexy and can be a nice treat to wear for a significant other. The offer a youthful and fun vibe. They may be the perfect addition to an outfit, pick the one the highlights her “assets” the best. Ask your Cachet Lady, or Cachet Lady Elite, what her favorite style is.

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