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Liven up your Next Event: Escort Integration Guide

July 8th, 2019

It’s time to start thinking about how to make the most out of your next social event. This takes thought and planning. But also comes with a general knowledge of who your attendees are going to be. Being a good host means considering the needs of your guests. This information will help you with hiring caterers/menu planning, researching the right decorator, hiring DJs, and finding bartenders. Consider the possibilities and doors you can open by involving an escort, or integrating multiple companions to your party. Why hope the women just show up to your event? Instead, bring them yourself. Imagine providing beautiful, talented young women to support your function. Including a sexy young escort, ensures that the most crucial component is available, the female element. Making attractive women present is vital for a fun time. Working with those who understand the industry, will also appreciate the privacy that is associated, and will be fine keeping their identity to themselves.


Planning your party means knowing what your guests will be expecting and what to expect of them. Depending on your preference, or the situation, you may want to come to a clear consensus of what you would like your party consists of. In cases where you are receiving the company of an escort, and your guests are aware of the fact that she is there to provide entertainment, will mean your execution will change. Depending on the type of event you’re having, you may want to spend some time choosing the specific escort who can, and is comfortable with your requirements. Making your choice can be made by conducting interviews or holding auditions for the service workers you are interested in hiring.

Not Notifying your Guests

This level of mysticism allows you to be in control. You can use an attractive female element to alter any situation. Again, this needs to be discussed with your technician, so she understands what is ok, and what is not. When your escort is having fun herself, she will be at ease. Remember to provide an enjoyable atmosphere, not forgetting the specific needs and desires of your professional technician. Consideration is beneficial and leads to more satisfactory results. If your escort has a preference for refreshments, ensuring that those are readily available is pretty simple, but taking steps to gather other things she may be interested in, will not hurt either.


Build a basis of trust between yourself and your escort. This will help keep you at peace of mind when allowing them into your home or venue. More importantly, it is how they interact with your guests.

Picking the Best Escort

You will want to spend time on the phone or in person before hiring or choosing the specific technician to bring to your event. If you have experience working with this technician and already have a business relationship, then bringing ones that you worked with in the past may be a good idea as well.

Rules & Secrecy

When integrating professional workers to your next event or social function, maintaining a level of confidentiality is very important. Your workers may be earning more than your other staff members and in your eyes, are considered a precious asset to your company, and or member of your social group.

Working, While at Work

Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not want your technician working with members of your party at your event, or on your personal premises. Regardless of either fact, talking and discussing it with them and coming to an understanding, it is essential before bringing them into your social network. But picking the one who has the moves and personality skills that will best suit your event is up to you. This is when your audition/interview process comes into effect.


No one wants to bring down the party, but knowing the limits of your technician can reach with her refreshments, along with yourself and other guests will limit any social faux pas.

What can your escort do for you?


If you have a social event that involves dancing and music, then having someone who is good at dancing and enjoys that type of activity, will help others enjoy it as well. Being the first person to dance seductively, on the floor, will get others in the mood socialize. Making your party that much more fun. Discuss good times for your technician to begin dancing before her attending your event. This will be worked out together during the audition and planning stage.


Part of any social event is sharing, and your technician should share with others. Whether that be a drink, food item, or even a story, that element of an attractive woman sharing with members of your party, will be enough to make it just that much more memorable.

Present Themselves as Close Friends

Multiple service workers at your party or event will make you the top of your social network. Try having numerous beautiful women as friends and party guests.


Hiring a technician who may or may not be required to provide any other services, other than interacting and enjoying herself will be an activity that many will be interested in. If this is the case, you need to decide whether or not this will benefit your event. If so, remember to keep their interests private.


Simple actions like lifting up a skirt at the appropriate time, or a well-managed bend over in the right direction, can be a fun and suggestive way making contact with clients of your choice.

What are the benefits of including professional escorts to your event?


Add more to your next party, with joy, with sexy women.


Provide for your guests. Ensure a desired level of satisfaction is met.


Breathe life into a stale atmosphere. Dance sing, drink, and play!


Make your guests feel great! Boost their outlook with emotional support for an escort with class.

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