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Hired Help: Escort Trade Show Companion Initiative

Hired Help: Escort Trade Show Companion Initiative

Focus on potential clients, think about what their personalities are like, and their potential home or romantic life might be. If you’re unsure about some of these personal details, they can be brought to light by conversing with them or simply asking another person in their contact circle.  Once you know a bit of information, you can choose the perfect escort to work at your next trade show. Taking the initiative to work with your preferred escort, or auditioning ones that suit your style will benefit potential sales by adding an exotic appeal to your function. How would you feel like a client looking for someone to invest in, someone to work with for their future endeavors and then during that time, met someone that made you feel relaxed, happy and satisfied regardless of the extent the relationship progresses to after your initial contact with said individual. The time spent with your escort will leave a long-lasting positive feeling.

Client Relationships

Client management can also be associated with interpersonal skills. The representatives you have picked to interact with industry professionals will have to know basic details about the said industry, in order to be able to carry on a conversation. One who hires many employees and also provides a product or service will understand the fundamental aspects attached to the framework associated when relating to their clients, and potential clients. Keeping things quiet between you and those who you are working with, will also allow further advancement in their ability to persuade, and or swoon your potential business contacts. This can be looked at in two different ways, one can be by closer interactions with seductive and or sensual engagements. The other can be a more in-depth approach.


The client relationship framework can be broken down into 4 simple components.


There may be many potential clients who you have some interest in, but isolating ones that have the highest potential. This important for your progression on a corporate level.

Differentiate by Values

If there are multiple clients or contacts with similar attributes that hold interest to you or your company, then valuing those that have those specific attributes key. What do they bring to the organization? When considering the value of your potential clients, you must also think about what they might require from the organization.  The monetary incentive may be higher than the required investment. Is this client worth pursuing?


Find which clients that benefit your business and which ones will not drain your finances, pick the best method and all the necessary components above, and then interact with them.


Tailor your plan of action to that specific individual or group. This sense of customization will also make them feel more appreciated.

Available Resources

When you’re trying to land that big client, and you are looking at numbers that will change your current lifestyle and financial outlook, you should take steps to ensure that your best is demonstrated. Your trade show displays your companies or organizations abilities, you’re looking to build future contacts that will benefit your creative and intellectual environment. Your secret connection to your technician gives you power. Because of your escorts profession, and her feminine expertise, you have control over how business relations between that individual and contacts are upheld.

If you have played your cards right, and your technician has succeeded in a successful transaction with your prospective client, then their association with your industry will have a feeling of closeness that others you can assure have not come close to. You have crossed a barrier that one has not thought would be possible, in many instances, your technician will simply be perceived as an interested member of your team, which is exactly what you want.

Prepping your Escort

There are steps to follow and rules that are set in place to maintain a professional barrier between your client and you’re hired, technician. One way to get behind the emotional connection some may feel to those they are interacting with is to use different methods and or techniques. Let’s take a look at some basic training patterns you can share with prospective partners.


Using excuses is not usually the best method for dealing with any situation, but in this case, it can be a positive component. Having your technician plan to use the excuse of already being in a prior relationship that she may not be satisfied with on some level, will prevent further contact with the said client after a transaction has taken place.

Job stress

Because you may be hiring a technician posing as a sales representative who works for your company, she may also be able to use apprehension about her career and the thoughts of her co-workers as she is “a new employee” and or, “this job means a lot to her”.

Getting too involved

A more experienced technician will be better at judging the emotions of another person, especially ones she is working close to. This means that she will be able to judge whether or not using an emotional connection to herself and your client as a way of removing herself from a situation is validated.

Practicing with your technician may take more time, but a basic rehearsal and a common understanding of what is to be said, done and who they will be dealing with, will provide a clear indication of how they will be proceeding. This also removes any presumptions, as they do not know which marks that they will be spending their time with until you tell them. If you can provide information about your prospective clients, and or photographs, this will also help you make the best choice of who to hire, and who is interested.

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