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Luxury Dates, Escorts and Yachts Only With Cachet Ladies

Luxury Dates, Escorts and Yachts Only With Cachet Ladies

July, 12th 2019

Luxury boats, expensive cars, fancy suited beautiful models, dancing and twerking all around you. All of your fantasies combined in one. Why not skip looking for girls who are interested in your lavish lifestyle, and just go directly to the source, call Cachet Escorts. With our company, you not only will receive an eager party guest but one that is skilled in all the exotic details associated with lavish events and exquisite atmospheres. A Cachet Lady understands what it means to appreciate fine food, fine wine and of course fine company. This is the benefit of hiring a high-end escort, your companion will indulge with you for your next event or leisure venture. Considering a yacht owner is one who has the resources to finance an event on said vehicle, designed for transportation or pleasure. Why not include all of the most inviting prospects with your party, the beautiful and eager willing ladies of our agency. Hiring multiple companions is ideal for these types of events, why hire only one lady when you can have three or four, maybe even five young attractive girls to dance on your boat drinking wine off each other’s bodies, and other extremely fun and enjoyable activities. Body shots, thong bikinis, hot tubs! Treat your companion with all the respect and attention you would any beautiful lovely model you have the fortunateness of being associated with. Consider yourself one lucky customer, one that can afford to do things others can only dream of. Your professional service worker is the best option for your next event. Your escort can also dress in an appropriate fashion that you have decided together, to properly accommodate your social situation. This can also offer a morale boost to your guests, particularly; offering memories that last forever. In some cases, she may be able to provide service to multiple members of your party, if this is discussed and accepted. The freedom of being at sea, finding your own treasure so to speak of, or bringing it along with you, and then finding ways to enjoy it. This is the benefit of using a mobile mode of transportation that is designed for luxurious enjoyment, as opposed to an atmosphere such as a hotel, which is ground-based and provides limited availability for travel, and most importantly secrecy.


What kind of activities would be fun for time spent with your escort on a yacht? Let’s think about some of the activities you may be conducting in while in another setting. Some of these may be applicable, as you are now in a secluded area. You may be on an island, or off in a spot of the ocean where no one else can see your outdoor activities. It can be fun, and interesting to experiment. Discuss this with your worker, and find ones that are fun for both of you. Remember, multiple workers in this situation is ideal. This is a service that is available for only the most elite, and your date will understand this, keeping you in high regard, someone who deserves the most sensual attention. It’s faster to travel by yacht around the greater Toronto area than it is to travel by vehicle. It also offers a more enjoyable experience than simply driving or being driven. You can reach lakeside destinations by boat, twice as fast as by land.


Along with many restaurants inland and other surrounding areas of the Great Lakes, Toronto offers many that are close to areas your yacht can dock or come close enough to let’s take a look at some of the quality establishments you can take your date.


There are several night clubs you can attend on a boar, the most request spot is renting a yacht for the day, loading it up with gorgeous girls and heading on over to Cabana Pool Club. This is a memorable experience best enjoyed with your buddies.


Niagara on the lake is only 45 minutes away by boat, sometimes even less if the wind conditions work in your favor. The best day can be spent enjoying the day going from yacht to winery and Cachet can make that happen.

Harborfront Restaurant

Located close to the Harborfront at the front, close to regular live entertainment. This location offers an exotic venue for music and great food. This location also offers weekly shows, featuring popular talent.

Lake Inez

Located just by the harbor this Asian accented Fusion restaurant is open till midnight on Wednesdays and Sunday the perfect place for before after or during treatment to take your evening dates.

The Slip

The slip Restaurant no pun intended featuring good drinks and good times right on the watch your friends of Toronto’s Harbor you can enjoy fresh barbecue inspired Cuisine along with artisanal beer famous White Plains local ciders original cocktail and other refreshments because of its desirable location and award-winning Cuisine your booking in advance is definitely recommended.

Di Salvo’s Bella Cucina

Fine Italian dining in Parry Sound close to the harbor in an area where you can dock up and walk right over with your date this provides a nice evening stroll before you enjoy your cuisine. Featuring homemade authentic pasta this is established Cucina is the perfect spot for your date or party members.

Places to Port

How you get a good place to park your boat if you’re like to bring your dates to any social events is good for showing her an awesome time.
Have a few drinks and find a place to port check out a few of these awesome local locations.

Ontario Place Marina


What better way to show your escort your devotion to her trade, and her skills than by offering her a chance at leisure time by providing meals and drinks, served and prepared by professional caterers. During your event, remember that they are your guests to your party as well, and they need to be treated as such. Take into account things that they like, or desire. You can note these from your previous conversations and time that you have spent together. In order to better understand who you are going to be working very intimately with, treating them in this fashion will yield a more positive resolve. This is your chance to enjoy things that your significant other may not be interested in. You are intending business partners and social contacts understand the investment required for having an enjoyable time. She will take these into consideration. Make sure you take her into consideration as well.

Join the Party

Because you are in a mobile setting, you are able to rendezvous with other vessels and or watercraft. You can then socialize between the two sharing your entertainment. You may want to show off some of your personal attendees, which is the perfect accent to an oceanic setting.


The oceans and Great Lakes offer mysteries and natural beauty. The wonders of the oceans and sea transcend only that of celestial connotations. Keep this in mind and discuss any possible special locations to visit. This can be areas such as secluded islands or even natural attractions that may be interesting to your guests, and of course, personal attendees. Plan your yacht trip around these locations, and surprise them with an experience unbeknownst to them. There are 15 islands surrounding the Toronto Mainland area. Some of these are open to the public and far away from prying eyes. Using your resources to get your friends and attendees to said locations can offer a fun and engaging experience.

Secret Beach

Enjoy a midnight beach party on one of the sevens secluded beaches. Hidden on one of the islands, and available to the public. Go there when it’s dim, just around sunset. Take your beautiful attendee with you and enjoy all the lushness tantalizations a young woman can offer you under the sunlight and sandy beaches. Find out what they’re comfortable with, and experience fantastical notions attached to a tropical backdrop. All your dreams can come true on a yacht, and on a secluded island with the beautiful girl of your desires. If you come late, you can skinny dip in the moonlight under the stars in a private area with your beautiful attendees, if you come early, enjoy sunbathing in whatever fashion you like at this private location. This allows you to be more specific with your attendees. You can even organize group packages for friends or coworkers to plan for excursions involving multiple attendees and unlimited amenities. This once-in-a-lifetime experience could be something you share with those close to you, and of course, hiring a professional agency will help walk you through the steps with them and their partners; to organize and plan your dream vacation. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take a look around some of the less traveled areas. You might find your own special spot that only you know about, you can consider this your own private resort, and you and your attendees will enjoy all the benefits of secret pleasures.

Here are 7 of the Most Secluded Beaches in Toronto

Marie Curtis

If this secluded spot is one of the less appreciated areas in the Toronto Oceanic venue, but keeping this in mind allows you to take advantage of its less used status and accommodate your activities. Known for its flora and fauna, the birds in the area are stunning amongst this beautiful backdrop, a little slice of heaven in our own backyard.

50 Point Beach

A more frequently visited, but still secluded location, this beach is closer to the city of Hamilton. It offers shade and is better during sunny and hot days. Take advantage of the twilight and bring your dates when fewer people are around to enjoy your privacy.

Christie Lake Conservation Area

A beach that isn’t necessarily hidden, but provides a clean swimming area. Visit this location on a quiet day. With clean chlorinated water, you can jump in and bathe freely.

Rouge Beach Park

This beach offers amenities that other outdoor locations lack, such as change rooms and other necessities. These are available to you, you and your guests will have access to a yacht, which will have all of these available. Rouge Beach Park is prepared nonetheless, offering direct access to the river and a beautiful scenic appeal.

Frenchman’s Bay

Forming a strip between Lake Ontario and Lake Ontario Bay, Frenchman’s Bay offers a unique scenic appeal. With an interesting industrial backdrop, Frenchman’s Bay is a beach that provides a comfortable escape.

Jack Darling Memorial Park

Facing the Toronto skyline, the perfect place for a campout. This area allows overnight stays which may be something you and your party members are interested in. See Cachet Girls to book your overnight date.

Tottenham Conservation Area

Clear, grassy knolls for the picnic area, alongside sandy beaches by water that is warm enough to take a dip in the early spring. This location is a favorite among visitors and locals alike.

Yacht Rentals

Hotels and incall visits can end up being expensive, or less engaging depending on your personal preference or specific circumstances. Renting a yacht would be in the interest of those who want the experience without purchasing it for themselves. The city of Toronto has many yacht rental companies, with prices that vary from one night to week-long excursions, or more depending on the size and your budget. You can find the yacht that suits your taste. In some circumstances, you may also want to budget for a driver or captain to handle the logistic portion of your excursion. This will allow you more time spent with your guests, and or attendees; enjoying your adventure.


Swimming Pool

Some of the larger scale vessels have amenities such as moderately sized swimming pools. If you are choosing to rent as opposed to purchasing your own yacht to use, it will be well maintained and up to a specific standard. You demand only the best, and that’s exactly what you need for all your amenities.


While spending time at sea, you may want to enjoy meals cooked fresh on an outdoor BBQ. There’s a wide variety of choices to divulge in when partaking in this decadent activity. If you want to show your escorts a good time, having food and all the resources available for them to enjoy their stay is very important.

Dance Floor

Ensure that the party can maintain its integrity by providing a space for you and your guests to dance along with your beautiful young attendees. Make sure that you have available space, and the Dancefloor is large enough to accommodate all of your party members. Some yachts come with this built-in as a standard feature, others have areas that can be converted, opened up. This is all up to your budget and can be researched when planning for your excursion.


There is nothing more sensual than a Jacuzzi with a beautiful young lady, champagne, and bubbles. Relaxing while cruising around a beautiful sunset on your way to an exotic destination with the exotic lady. Ensuring that a Jacuzzi is included in your yacht purchase or rental, ensures that you have space to treat your attendees to a special experience

Dance Pole

If you are feeling creative. A dance pole is part of some yacht styles as an interior add-on.

On Deck Bars

Bars, you know you’re going to need one, and having someone to serve drinks for you and your party members is crucial for your relaxation, even if at some point you may want to lead the charge and pour your own libations. Either or, having extra attendants will support your activity.

Private Areas

Regardless of whether you have chosen to access a private beach, private island, or other hidden location, the simple fact that you are excluded on a yacht and away from prying eyes offers you another level of secrecy that motels and hotels are simply not able to provide.


There’s a multitude of benefits using a yacht for your next event involving specialized attendees. The most important would be the memories that you will have from the experience.

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