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Mira Sorvino, Survivor

We regularily read the news, we especially love celebrity news. This was sorta a shocker and hit a little close to home. We take safety so seriously that we had to share this story. With all the recognition that comes with a celebrty speaking out it’s important to note how powerful and important such omissions help other women who have been in the same situation.

In a story realeased on the New York Daily News actress Mira Sorvino spoke to lawmakers about her experience rather bravely.

The Oscar-winning actress spoke about the shame she felt and the difficulty she still has speaking out about her past, during a trip to the state capital to push lawmakers to strengthen the state’s sexual harassment and rape laws.

I think we should all take a moment to read her powerful story because she bravely went and spoke to help strngthen her state’s sexual harassment and rape laws. Could there be a better time in the history of the women’s empowerment movement for such a brave and powerful omission?

Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies regularly trains it’s staff on how to stay safe, how to keep clients safe and how to ensure that everyone is just having a good time. However that being said there have been times where some situations have gotten completly out of hand and help or even the police were needed. Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often as our clientel is incredible and mostly vetted against the type of personalities that would make some social escorts feel very uncomfortable.

Mira was there to push lawmakers on the fact that her state’s five year statute of limitations on second and third degree rape isn’t going far enough for those who were victimized.

Around two years ago the article states that the oscar award winning actress went public with her allegations telling the public that Harvey Weinstein, or the Harry Tickler as he’s affectionaltley called here in Toronto, abused her in a hotel room back in 1995 in Toronto and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

All we can say is we were shocked to read this story, and if we could reach out to her and speak to her we want her to know how her brave message to the public helped some of the ladies here at Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies. Our agency takes the safety of all invovled so seriosuly that all it takes is one breach for the agency to never represnet you again. It’s just that serious and as it should be.

What do you think of New York’s state’s laws? And do you think they should be strengthed and is it a good detterent to those seeking to do others harm?

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