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8 Surprising reasons men just prefer escorts over dating

Reason one, you can be you, not be who you don’t want to be, who you think they want you to be, or even worse someone you are not.


Escorts will love you no matter what, tall, fat, small it doesn’t matter this is a business transaction and they are here to take care of you, not the other way around. Who wouldn’t love that?


Reason two, if you aren’t the best looking guy at the bar you may want to call Cachet ladies


Imagine if you never got a date ever? Imagine not being able to have confidence in social situations because women just aren’t attracted to you. Imagine if women just never ever pay attention to you? What do you do? If you are dating you ask a girl out pay for dinner, pay for parking, pay for alchol and there’s no guarantee that she even calls you again. Never mind the fact that you may have to repeat said expenditure several times before they even allow you to get anywhere near them!! Ouch!! Yeah that sucks! Escorts are ready to caress your face and make you feel like a man the moment you meet them.


Reason three, Sometimes something so taboo is just even more honest than the traditional lie.

It’s a nice change to know what you are going to pay upfront. So many men have gone through the unfortunate circumstance of paying through the nose only to be rejected after spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on them. Why would you want to go through this over and over again? It’s a change of pace to know she’s there because you asked her to be, and she knows the moment you say it’s over it’s done. You are in control.


Reason four,  When you hire an escort you hire a professional social expert nobody leaves with bad feelings ever.


No awkward goodbyes, no long drawn out conversations it’s as simple as saying hey, great time see you next week, month or even next year.


Reason five, it’s easy to just meet, talk and do whatever it is you want. No sense in going to a bar talking to women for hours like the guy on limitless than hooking up. We all know those nights, and it’s not every night that this happens. Again you are in total control here.


Reason six, time and money are sorta the same and when you are missing one or the other an escort is a good way of figuring it all out.


When you are in a crunch for time, or in a crunch for money an escort is a great way to plan ahead. Cachet Ladies even has a rate calulator, imagine that!


Reason seven, When you are older you can date much much younger.


Yup that’s right you don’t have to be stuck dating the same age range, date younger, date as young as you want, did i say this already? you are in control!!


Reason eight, have you ever heard hanging out with a beautiful woman is like therapy?


That’s right the best and single most talked about benefit is clearly the therapeutic feeling you get after a great night our with a gorgeous woman. Cachet Ladies has so many of them why not schedule some playtime tonight?