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Mississauga Sex Doll Brothel

The Sex Doll Brothel is back and with a new owner. So many people have had a lot to say about it in Toronto.

Some would say Canada’s most-talked about harem of foldable silicone have taken up residency in Mississauga shortly after being told to leave Toronto for violating an obscure law called the adult entertainment parlour bylaw. Which sounds weird beacuse the courtesans aren’t real.

these cleaned out inanimate dolls of Aura Dolls are taking numbers for “anal, vaginal, breast and oral sex” acts in a gorgeous industrial part of the Mississauga just outside of Toronto.

The new location hasn’t been defined just yet, but the new owners of this “toronto brothel” told Toronto CityNews this week that there are no homes or schools in the direct area. Most likely a pre-requist of the city.