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Liven up an Office Party, or any Party, With Escorts

Have you ever wanted to throw a really great party, but felt the talent you have access to was lackluster at best? This is a recurring theme that plays out over and over again at office parties, house parties, club scenes, and even bachelor parties.

Ever been invited out to a new club opening, or just happen to visit a new club in the open throws of its grand opening? Ever notice how mysteriously there are a lot of really hot single girls everywhere? How does this transpire, because three weeks ago when the club was called MOO it was a total bust?

It’s no secret that when a new club opens in downtown Toronto the club promoter, manager or even the owner employs pay to party girls. This is the exact same concept I am talking about here, why not create the ultimate party scene and step it up a notch.

Here’s the difference, a pay to party girl will get paid $50 to $100 dollars stay at the club for maybe two hours and get free drinks. They are usually pretty annoying, entitled and feel they are doing you a favor for just being there. It’s a culture, it’s a deeply rooted mentality that focuses on beauty without substances. Essentially you get all the visual cues and that’s it.

But when you hire a professional escort companion it’s a whole different ball game! Sure the price point is very different but you always get what you pay for and there are just no free lunch gentlemen.

By inviting some of the hottest ladies found in Toronto, not only are you getting beautiful women to attend your special event, you are getting experienced companions who mingle, chit chat and essentially create the atmosphere you are seeking.

No other agency except Cachet can provide you such a service. Call any of our competitors for the exact same purpose and you will see what I am talking about. All of our escorts are professionals during the day, our ladies come from various different backgrounds and vocations. They are the most diverse and multicultural group in the city. Our ladies were even interviewed by the world-renowned sexologist, Dr.Jess.

When some of my friends approached me with their ideas, I laughed and said guys… this is what I do for a living. Don’t forget Cachet has concierge services, party planning services and can even do weddings.

So next time you are thinking about how do I spice up my party, think Cachet and we will ensure your evening is always a memorable one.

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