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Travel with a Jealous Girlfriend or an Open Minded Companion

Travel with a Jealous Girlfriend or an Open Minded Companion

The options are always endless, the scenario’s often the same and the conclusion is typical and instead expected and boring. Open Minded Companion can change all of that for you.

You are out for dinner one night, and the girlfriend, wife or life partner (look were open to the diversity around here) suddenly says let’s go on vacation: I’m bored, I just need to get away.

Cachet Ladies Open Minded Companion

And, of course, you are thinking yeah, sure, let me know when you are coming back, and I’ll arrange an uber for you at the airport.

But we all know this isn’t possible. If it were, then you wouldn’t be reading this article now, would you?

Here’s the trouble with travelling with a significant other you’ve been with for a long time.

10 Reasons why traveling with an escort is just better

  1. The sex is boring, typical and sometimes non-existent.
  2. If she is boring at home, what makes you think she’s suddenly going to change her ways down south?
  3. When you hit an all inclusive you have to understand these places are like permanently anchored cruise ships there is no escape.
  4. When it’s just the two of you, you are having dinner with the same person for however long you decided to head out.
  5. Oh and breakfast and lunch.
  6. Nightly entertainment while on vacation can be hit or miss, if you aren’t close to a party town by the third night you may as well jump off the balcony.
  7. If you are lucky enough to meet up with other couples while down there, you should realize that you will spend most of your time wondering how you can just switch wives, it’s pretty much a torture chamber.
  8. If you like riskier activities and your better half is concerned about money, there’s no chance of having any fun.
  9. God forbid a fight breaks out you are stuck like a stick in the mud
  10. If you are caught ogling see reason 9.

So by now, you are probably thinking oh god, I can add a few points to that list. God bless you!  Sometimes life is about family, duty and responsibility and other times it should be about letting loose and having fun.

Two of our experienced professional companions or escorts as they are known, Samantha and Serena love to travel with clients. Well actually almost all of the models love to travel as companions it’s pretty much the best thing the industry has to offer.

So here’s what it comes down to, for a few extra shekels you can have a crazy weekend away with an open-minded minx who doesn’t mind hitting the mini bar.  Want to flirt with the girls, our experienced professionals know how to help you build your confidence not tear you apart.

Pretty much from the moment you take off, to the moment you arrive you will be in a perpetual state of bliss, and hopefully very drunk. Take a moment and fill out our online form and get ready to have the evening you deserve.

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