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The highest paid jobs of 2022: Finding and attracting the golden goose in escorting

Are you looking for the golden goose in escorting? Well, three main areas of the world today produce the highest-paying jobs: medicine, information technology, and finance. Ladies, if you are seeking a patron, a regular date, a Sugar Daddy, or anything else, these are the highest-paid jobs, and they are the fields that produce the best-paid men in the world.

Study after study indicates that financially stable and robust men are four times more likely to date attractive women due to their social status, power, and confidence.

What makes wealthy men attractive to women?

This explanation is simple and is linked to our evolution as a species. Our instincts are about finding ways to stay alive and prosperous, so we are designed to fight for survival. Initially, our survival was determined by our strength and our ability to fight off danger with our bare hands. However, nowadays, despite much evolution, we still act based on our primal urges to survive.

Our ability to secure basic needs of food, shelter, and protection is directly linked to our ability to acquire money and financial power.

The urge to find someone who can protect us and provide what we need is the same in modern society as in ancient times – even though we are way more evolved. Today, our cues are not linked to strength but to the ability to make money rather than strength.

Because girls are attracted to wealthy men because of their social status, ability to feed themselves, and ability to survive.

You want a wealthy man, but how do you get him?

Become rich by looking rich and being where the rich are

Wearing a brand from head to toe does not make you look rich, and it is essential to wear something that fits your body perfectly, flatters your body shape and is made from a natural material. You will surely catch his eye for the right reason if you dress flawlessly and with sophistication. No bling-bling, no synthetic materials, no short skirts, or no slutty heels.

Following that, what else is left to do but visit the places where the rich hang out?

Take the initiative, listen, and show interest.

It would be best if you listened to him. At the same time, he speaks actively, shows interest in what he’s passionate about, and takes the initiative regarding his financial safety to achieve the “Golden Triangle” of success. This would be the perfect way to demonstrate that you are a responsible adult, that you are passionate about your work, that you are not an overspender, and that you have your path and plan.

Self-care and an area of expertise or passion are important

When a woman presents herself in a natural but sophisticated manner, dresses nicely, looks in top shape, and maintains a natural appearance, she will always attract the right kind of attention.

Most mature, prosperous men find having a hobby, a passion or a field of expertise a significant turn-on because you don’t have to wait for someone to entertain you; you have exciting things to add to a conversation. You are your person, not dependent 100% of the time on others.