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What kind of sexual personality does he have? Find out!

I am sure that most of us have dated or had sex with each of these individuals at least once: the sex marathonist, the sex slug, the voyeur, the lousy kisser, the pussycat eater, the dirty mouth and the fast-paced action star. There is a good chance you have encountered a lot of men as a professional escort and had a lot of erotic experiences with them, and if you have not yet, you must prepare yourself since you cannot avoid these stereotypes!

Please share your experiences dating different types of men and their sexual personalities. We would love to hear your sex stories.

Meanwhile, let’s see what the most common sex types are when it comes to men and their sexual personalities:

Runners in the sex marathon

In these cases, men cannot get enough. They enter like bulls in a china shop, wanting everything all at the same time. They have many fantasies and can’t get enough of them all. They don’t realize that time is limited and need to take advantage of it. Instead of taking it slow and enjoying every second of the experience, they run a marathon in bed, changing positions just when things get hotter. Their rushed style leaves you breathless in the wrong way since they care more about savouring the pleasures of sex than checking boxes.

A sexual slug

Sexe sloths are the ones who move so slowly and lack energy so much that it is hard to stay focused on them, and they never fall asleep or yawn because of boredom. The sex marathonist is about speed and cramming everything into just one hour of dating.

If you try to speed things up, he feels rushed and annoyed, so all you need to do is try to stay up until the date ends. He kisses slow and messy and thinks you have an entire day just for foreplay.

A voyeuristic personality

Looking without touching is the key for him. He will book you for an entire hour to watch you remove your clothes, touch yourself, play with sex toys, or even take a bath so that he can peek through the cracked door as you take them off.

The pussycat devourer

As you’ve read, he loves to give his head and eat pussy, the perfect date, in our opinion. After a long day with highly demanding clients, he’s a keeper, especially if you tremble, moan, and look at the climax. He’s a keeper, especially when you reach climax.

People with dirty mouths

You’ll hear them call you a “dirty slut” or other things that get him aroused and excited when you ride him like crazy. This is a wild bunch, and they get you “hit” when you least expect it. This one is harmless if he talks dirty, but only if you’re okay with him screaming outraged things during sex.

This is a fast-paced action film.

In less than 10 minutes, he completes an hour-long date. He rushes like a newbie, gets all excited, and finishes after a few strokes, so you need to find other things to do in the remaining time. If he’s up to it, you can offer to shower with him after the massage, and then you can go for round two if he’s up to it.

Do you have any other types of lovers that you have dated? We’re eager to learn about them! Are you bored in the city tonight? Remember to call Cachet Ladies Escorts for some companionship and excitement. We have the largest selection of VIP escorts in the city.